MOVED – 3 Ways To Get Unlimited Free Traffic


Unlimited free traffic …

It sounds like a dream come true. 

Or it might sound like it’s too good to be true. 

But the reality is this, there are three proven ways to get unlimited free traffic to your site.

These methods have worked for years. I know people who use them as their exclusive methods for driving traffic.

I’ll share each one in this message. 

Method 1 – Your own affiliate program

Can you have your own affiliate program and really get other people to send you traffic, even if you have not succeeded online yet?

Yes. In fact, it happens every day. 

There are basically three steps. 

  1. Create a product in a hot niche. Creating your own product is SO easy when you know how it’s done. 
  2. Focus on recruiting affiliates to sell your product for you. Make it easy and pay very well. 
  3. Look at your first sale as an investment. You are buying customers with this method … and it works like crazy!

NOTE: If want to skip the product creation part and sell a product created by me as your ownclick here.

Method 2 – Ad Swaps

An ad swap is simplicity itself. You have a list and I have a list and we send promotions for each other.

If my list is bigger than yours, I send the same number you send so it’s fair. 
This works very well for several reasons. 

  • Your offer is seen as being endorsed by the list owner.
  • It can be repeated over and over again.
  • It costs $0 out of pocket.
  • It can be automated.

Method 3 – A Self Liquidating Funnel

If you don’t have a funnel of your own yet, you are missing out on easy sales and working too hard.

That’s just a fact, based on about 18 years of working online. I’ve done it the hard way and trust me, funnels are better!

But with SO many people talking about funnels, what TYPE of funnel do you need?

You need three. 

  1. A hero funnel.
  2. A list building funnel.
  3. A SLO funnel.

It’s the last one that makes your advertising essentially free. 

I say essentially free because you do pay for ads up front but recover those ad costs very quickly with your SLO funnel. 

Hence the name “Self Liquidating Offer” The offer liquidates (returns to you) your ad costs AND profits too.

If you want to know more about how to do ANY of this, click here and let me know. 

For now, choose one method and give it your all for 30 days. You will be surprised at how well it works. 


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