MOVED – 3 Ways To Sell More Online


If you are like almost everyone trying to make money online, you want more sales.

It’s only logical – more sales = more money, right? Yes indeed!

But HOW do you get those sales?

For many years, top online marketers have known that there are only three ways to make sales online.

This is not new thinking, or original thinking. In fact, the following three ways were first spoken by a 21 billion dollar (yes, with a B) marketer named Jay Abraham.

Here are his three ways, along with a few words from me about how to make them practical in your life.

Let’s look at how to do each one no matter where you are in your journey to success.

Increase the number of clients.

If you have very few clients now (or none) it is self-evident that this is your area of focus.

If you have some customers and want more, this is also your area of focus for the moment.

I say “for the moment” because principles 2 and 3 will apply to you once you are set up to use them.

If this is your area of focus, you want to concentrate your efforts on these things …

  • Paid advertising.
  • Social media.
  • Content marketing.

While there are other things you could do, focusing on these three will help you do each one well. And they really are all you need.

Increase the average transaction.

Let’s say you have some customers now. They like you. You like them. They are helped by the products you offer and recommend.

How can you increase the average transaction these customers make and still keep them happy?

This is where back-end selling becomes vital.

“Back-end” sales are simply all sales that happen after the initial sale is complete.

That can include many things, such as …

  • One time offers.
  • Upsells.
  • Downsells.
  • Continuity offers.

Many people believe that the most important thing you can do in your business is to increase average value by adding in upsells and one time offers.

While I agree that it is important, this method comes with a warning.

Customers resent it when you make them feel like their original purchase is now incomplete or when you trap them in an upsell flow with too many one time offers.

Increase the frequency.

This leads us to Principle 3 – increasing the frequency of orders.

This method works well on two levels.

  1. You quickly learn who really likes what you do and is helped by your products and offers.
  2. Customers win when the offers you make compliment each other and fit in to a system from which they benefit.

If you want to increase frequency, use these methods.

  • Run Flash Sales on products from your inventory.
  • Offer customers loyalty-based offers like coupons or pre-launch specials on new products.
  • Offer a “graduating discount” where they save more by spending more.

More than anything else, make sure you communicate regularly with customers and let them know you appreciate them.

If you do that well they will think of you first when they need something new.

Using all three is your goal

If you want a powerful, automated online business, you want to learn to use all three of these methods.

But when you use them matters. So be very thoughtful about where you put your focus.


Doing business online can be tough. It’s isolating, confusing, and harder than most people think … especially in the beginning.

But the joy of an online business is almost unspeakable.

You get to help people you would otherwise have never met accomplish things important to them and you get paid in the process.

If that is your goal, focus on these three methods. Memorize them. Learn to do them well.

And never waver from the path of simplicity.

If you do, you will build a powerful business that sustains you and becomes a real asset for your family.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

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