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When it comes to making money online, be that by selling things or providing services, there are a few basics that cannot be ignored.

  • A website of your own where you can establish and extend your brand.
  • Providing top quality goods and services.
  • Leveraging the incredible reach of the Internet to find and attract your perfect customers.

While these are all good things, there is one thing missing from that list.

Having a mailing list of your own!

It can not be said often enough …

You either have a list of your own or you are at the mercy of those who do.

I want you to have the power, not be powerless. Which is why I created today’s video.

I hope you enjoy it.

I Will Build And Host Your Blog For You!

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Hi this is Charlie page and I want to share with you four ways to build your mailing list faster.

In a recent survey over 76 percent of people who responded said they do not have a mailing list of their own.

76%No Mailing List

Ninety two percent of them said they do want to have a mailing list.

92%WANT A Mailing List

So I built a course to help them. And it was helpful to them and I’m very grateful to have been able to do that with them.

Let me share part of what I help them with getting ready to build a mailing list is easy.

The work of building that list not so much.

Well let me tell you what I mean by that.

Anybody can go out and get an autoresponder today but to start adding names to that to autoresponder or to start sending messages and actually making sales is a little bit tougher. So here are four ways you can start building your list faster no matter where you are now.

From the newest newbie to a long term veteran all of these will work for you.

These are things you should do continuously to build your list because your list will be your number one asset online.

Method number one is solo ads.

Solo ads are perfect for List Building!

A solo ad, in case you’re not familiar, is an advertisement that goes out to someone else’s mailing list for a fee and it stands alone.

That’s why the words solo is there so it’s your ad being mailed by somebody else to their mailing list for a fee.

And it only promotes you and it goes out by itself.

They are perfect for list building because you know in advance that the person you are reaching likes to discover things via email. You see we all like to discover things different ways.

A lot of people will use Google while some people will use social media. People like to discover new things – they like to find solutions to their problems.

Many people like to do that via email.

That’s why they join mailing list.

When you send your ad via a solo ad you know the people like to do that. They like to discover new things via email.

You know that because they’re on a list now and they’re reading your solo ad and so they will respond and higher numbers.

And it’s been proven for many years now that that is true.

They respond in very high numbers when you get the formula right.

If you want to build a list you go where the people like to discover via email and that is so and

Method number two is to invest in a great lead magnet.

These days you really have to give them a high quality high value gift.

You can’t just put up a little form that says join my list get blog updates. That doesn’t work anymore.

This is why so many webinars and so many downloads are happening because people require a high quality high value gift in order to join your list.

They’ll do it if you give them the right incentive.

Many people think that they can buy a private label rights product and slap their name on it and have a great lead magnet and that can work for building a list and it’s better than nothing. There’s no doubt about it.

I mean I encourage you to do that. If it’s like I’m stuck I don’t know what to do for a lead magnet. Oh here’s this report I could buy for$30 by the report. Use it.

At least you’ve got something going.

It takes a great lead magnet to build a list quickly.

It takes a great lead magnet to build a list quickly.

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What makes a lead magnet great?

Well number one is unquestioned value.

You want a person who gets your lead magnet to be shocked that you would give away that much value.

This is why things like free memberships work so very well

You can do a cheat sheet or a one page report that’s fine. That works. Everybody’s doing that. And it can work absolutely Again, better than nothing.

But if you want rapid list building if you really want people to just cram into your mailing list try giving away something that you know you could sell. And it’s obvious to others that you could sell the value needs to be high and it needs to be obvious.

This often requires an investment just like most good things in life.

Sometimes you’ve got to spend a little to get a little but that investment will pay off.

I know one company that went from $350,000 in sales, which is good and respectable, to over 3 million in about one year on the strength of one lead magnet.

They gave the same lead magnet out to everybody they could during that period of time leave magnet cost them $800 to have develop. Now that’s a lot of money.

Was that $800 well spent.

You bet it was. Because they used what they bought. And that’s one of the secrets to success in business.

Method number three is to buy traffic.

The truth about traffic is this and I have an entire video called The Truth about traffic that goes into this.

But here’s the truth.

You buy it or you earn it.

Those are really the only two ways to get it.

Either pay money for it or you buy it with time.

Earning it is free but it takes time.

If you want rapid list building no matter who you are you can be the biggest dog of the big dogs.

You’re going to need to spend money to get traffic.

There’s no question about it. So where can you do that.

Well Facebook is a wonderful place to go simply because the targeting is so deep.

You want to send this traffic to a page where they can join your list

Solo ads are also a wonderful way to go.Now in any of these venues you can send them to a squeeze page or send them to content whichever you prefer as long as that content like your blog is optimized for list building you’re good to go

Pay per click works very well for sending targeted traffic to an optimized list building page.

And if you have a list now and swaps with other list owners can work very well.

So what should you avoid when buying traffic.

Absolutely positively avoid safelists

A safelist is just the type of business where a business opportunity where people who join the company usually for a very low fee are joining to send e-mail NOT to read e-mail.

Some of the safest companies actually teach you how to avoid ever reading an e-mail. Well let’s think about the logic of that for a minute.

If they’re teaching you how to avoid ever reading an e-mail they’re teaching everybody else the same thing.

So who’s going to read your e-mail.

?It’s been proven for a very long time. These things come and go in popularity but they just don’t work.

Another mistake is super cheap traffic like you can buy 100,000 visitors in the next 30 days for$30.

It doesn’t work for list building.

You’ll get people on your list but they really are not going to be your target market.

Almost any site that promises traffic loads flows huge tons of traffic for five bucks.

Your mom was right. You know your mom and dad were right

Your Mom was right – If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Your Mom was right – if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

Your Mom was right – if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

Your Mom was right – If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

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But the good news is if you follow conservative methods they will work for you.

Buying high quality traffic on the level you can afford will put you on a level to buy more.

Buying low quality traffic will only hurt you.

Method number four is to leverage your blog.

If you have a blog this is for you and

If you don’t have a blog you ?absolutely positively you need to have a blog.

In today’s world not really an option anymore.

I Will Build And Host Your Blog For You!

If you have a blog you have the power to build your list quickly because you can leverage that blog into rapid list building.

How do you do that. Well number one put an opt in form under every post.

Now you don’t have to do this manually you might be thinking oh I have 120 posts. It’s going to take me three weeks. You actually can do it with one click.

I use a thing called Thrive leads.

It’s a WordPress plugin called Thrive. I really love it and you can configure it very easily.

Put an opt in form on the top right of the sidebar so that the first thing a person sees when there goes from the left to the right.

And that’s how people read.

They go from the left to the right when they do that they’re going to see your opt in form and yes it still works.

I know a lot of people like to say that it doesn’t. But the truth is visit the top blogs. They’re all doing it. They’re doing it for a reason.

Use the content upgrade technique now I don’t have time in this video to teach you that entire technique but it’s basically offering a lead magnet which can just be the PDF of the article itself in every article and there are plug ins that help automate that if you need help with that. Reach out and get in touch with me at Charlie page dot com and I’ll help you

Create a pop up on exit.

Again I use Thrive for this and it works very well.

The person is leaving your site anyway.

Why not say “Hey, before you go wouldn’t you like this great gift” that your lead magnet

You can also use a hello bar approach.

Hello bar is a company owned by Neil Patel and it’s just a little bar at the very top of the blog that just flashes or moves in some way or just sits there and says join my mailing list download this wonderful lead magnet and it’s up there all the time and it scrolls down the page really works well. Again you can do that with Thrive.

Do everything you can to build your list.

Top sites will have eight to 10 list building offers on every page of their blog.

Let me say that again because a lot of people don’t know this sites that build lists big and fast in their names you would know, like LeadPages.

They have eight to 10 list building options on every page of their blog.

Put list building on your home page too if you use an ATM home page like I do you can see mine over at

So feel free to visit there and take a look or if you’re seeing this on my blog up on the top left you’ll see my logo you can click it and you’ll go directly to the home page.

If you want to see my number one lead magnet go to

That is entire course about ezines that I give away that I could easily sell and it is my number one lead magnet so go take a look.

If you want to join the course and we’re not going to pester you to buy something we’re just going to teach you a lot of things about succeeding with ezines.

I believe you’ll love it and it’s totally free.

Please take a moment to share this video. Appreciate you helping me get the word out.

This is important stuff people need to have a mailing list of their own but they don’t have it.

And part of the reason is they feel like it’s just too hard. But it’s really not. If you take it step by step.

This is Charlie page. Thank you.


p data-default=”Enter your text here…”>I hope you have a wonderful day. See you soon.

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