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Ever wonder how some people get so much done?

  • They post to their blog.
  • They make sales every day.
  • They use follow up email.
  • They actually have free time for themselves!

Today I’m solving the mystery for you. 

The good news is this … it is SO much easier than you might think right now.

Imagine never again wondering what to do but instead being able to spend your time doing the thing you know will work.

If that sounds good, you are going to love what you hear next.

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Hi, this is Charlie Page, and I want to share with you seven templates that can set you free.

Have you ever wondered how some people get so much done?

They make sales, they pump out the blog posts, they create beautiful sales letters, and their ads drive traffic to their sites.

They get new customers, while most people are stuck staring at a blank page.

Here is their secret. You ready?

They cheat.

That’s right. They cheat by using templates, and these templates empower them to create results at will, and help them do their work quickly and easily.

So, which templates do you need?

There must be hundreds of them, right? Because there are so many different things we need to do.

The good thing is you only need seven templates, and they will set you free.

Here’s the list.

1. Blog post template.

Blogs are made up of posts, right?

And posts are just articles that contain helpful information, and yet, most people struggle to write a great blog post simply because they’re not using a template.

They don’t know what to do first, second, third, and so on.

They don’t know how to begin the blog post, or to wrap it up, or to sell from it.

Those who know how to do these things can write profitable blog posts very quickly.

2. A lead magnet template.

You’ve got to use lead magnets, right? That’s the way you build your list, and the money’s in the list.

So, no question there. Very important to have lead magnets.

That’s just a gift that you give away in exchange for somebody’s email address. But how do you create them?

There’s actually a template for doing this. It includes providing useful, but incomplete information.

If you tell the entire story, if you tell everything that you know inside a 50 page report, that’s not a lead magnet. That’s a report, something you should sell.

It includes specific places to put selling links, and more.

3. Sales letter template.

Very, very important.

Now, I know that writing a great sales letter is more art than science.

There’s no question about it. There are people who have this skill. They can create sales at will because they know how to write a sales letter.

But let me tell you something, after 17 years of doing this: it starts with science.

It starts with a template.

For example, many people like the AIDA formula, which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. It’s a proven concept.

So do start there.

Attention is just getting their attention with a great headline.

Interest is talking to them about how you can solve a problem.

Desire is causing them to want that solution right now, and then the action part is just asking them to order.

So, you can’t go wrong with starting with that formula.

There are several sales letter formulas that work very, very well.

4. A bullet point template

Bullet points? It sounds silly, doesn’t it? A template for bullet points, but you know what? Bullet points are very important to your success.

You use them in blog posts, you use them in sales letters, solo ads, and much, much more.

Use them on Facebook. Use them everywhere, and there are templates to make them just the right length, to make them start with the right words, and to make them work better.

5. Advertising templates.

There are only a few types of ads that you need to master in order to succeed online.

You need to know about pay per click, including Facebook, which is a type of pay per click.

You need to know about email ads, including solo ads, email offers, ad swaps, and things like that.

You need to know about blog post ads that capture sales from your blog visitors.

And there are templates for each of these.

For example, if you use Canva to create images like I do, they offer great examples of Facebook ads that work. As well as Instagram, Twitter, and more.

When I need to make an ad, I start with one of their templates, modify it to my own use, and I’m good to go very quickly.

It’s a good starting point. You might check that out.

6. Sales funnel template.

Some people find sales funnels confusing. I understand that, and yet, nothing sells better than a good sales funnel.

Once you see the structure or flow of a funnel, you can see how to create as many funnels as you want.

So you start with a template and you build from there.

7. The webinar template.

Very, very important.

Webinars are incredibly powerful for building your list, for establishing authority, and for making immediate sales.

Great webinars all follow a formula. If you’ve been on several webinars you have absolutely seen this formula at work.

It’s a template.

This is why webinars are so reliable when it comes to making sales.

If you record a good webinar one time using this formula, you can play that over, and over, and over again, and count on sales coming in every single time.

If you take the time to learn the templates from each of these steps, your work will be easier, your list will be bigger, and you’ll make more sales too.

Now, if you need help with any of this, you can get ahold of me at

This is Charlie. Thank you for being here, and I hope you have a great day.

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