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For the past four years I have had a dream. I have wanted to create a new type of site. A site where I could teach members what I am doing right now that works well and is easy to do.

A site where I could help members do the things they need to do to succeed online.

Practical, common sense methods that work across all niches and for people who aren’t gurus or geeks.

Things like …

  • How I sold 844 memberships in less than three weeks based on one poll I did for free.
  • How one tiny change added over 275 LOST subscribers to my list in under 60 days.
  • How using a checklist can help them get more done in less time.

In short, I wanted to create a site that focused on learning something today and being able to do that thing today!

  • A site where members could get an individual answer when they have questions.
  • A site where members could get to know each other and share their victories, struggles and progress.
  • A community of like minded people, committed to ethical success and doing what really works while ignoring the hype-boys, the one click wonders and shiny objects.

What would make this site special is that it would be filled with practical teaching you can use today to get more done.

I’m talking over the shoulder video of me DOING what I am suggesting you do.

And now I have created exactly that site

I’m calling it my Common Sense Academy. And it’s going to be my passionate focus in 2015 and beyond.

Today we are in pre-release. What that means is that not 100% of the content is in the site yet.

As I write this we have about 85% of the content in the site. Here is exactly where we stand …

  • The first teaching module is in the site.
  • Six Success Checklists are in the site.
  • The first Case Study is in the site.
  • The first Productivity Insight is in the site.
  • You can ask questions today and get answers from me.

Here is what we are adding now …

  • Our private affiliate program is being established. This will blow you away!
  • The Community is being built based on feedback of members.
  • Our exclusive Discounts page is being built right now.

There will be even more – things I can’t reveal in public but will reveal to members.

Pre-release also means the price is super low for the present time. If you join now, that low price is locked in forever.

I want to say something from my heart.

I want you to become a member of my Common Sense Academy!

I won’t push this on you or tell you that your life will be forever ruined if you don’t join. But what I will do is this – I will absolutely guarantee you will like what you see and that what you find will help you succeed online.

I have created a short page showing all that members receive. There is an optional video on that page (it does not auto-play) and a button to join.

Take the next step and learn more …

[button_5 bg=”orange” text_color=”dark” text=”next-step.png” align=”center” href=””/]

Join me and let’s work together to shape the future you want and deserve.

Charlie Page Sig





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