MOVED – Are link shorteners costing you sales?


Do you use a link shortener to cloak your links? It seems like everyone these days is using a free link shortening service in order to shorten their long affiliate links.  Cloaking links makes sense and protects your affiliate commissions too, so shortening your link for free is a good thing, right?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

While shortening makes perfect sense (and I do it every time I promote) did you know that using certain free link shortener services might actually cost you sales?

It’s vital that you know which services to use and which carry risk. This article by the good folks at Aweber sheds light on this growing problem and will help you make sense of what service to use.

Read the article here

My take? I would never use a free link shortening service unless I absolutely had to due to money. Great link trackers like Hypertracker (my favorite) and others offer cloaking and split testing and sale tracking and much more. I know you are serious about your business so, when you can afford it, I feel it makes sense to invest in your success by using a professional grade link tracking service.

Hope you find this helpful.


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