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Today I’m thrilled to announce that Common Sense Social Sales Funnels is open. And members are loving the content!

I opened the site early to those who are on my mailing list, and the response has been wonderful.

This course comes at exactly the right time.


Because while sales funnels do work (in fact, you must have them now) the nature of funnels has changed.

Funnels must evolve or die, just as we as online marketers must evolve or lose our businesses.

What does this evolution look like? Here are three brief examples.

In 2002 you could say “join my list” on your site and people would do it.

Not any more! Today we need lead magnets and high value content. Today’s buyers need a strong incentive to join your list.

If you don’t give it to them your competitors certainly will.

This is why lead magnets matter so much, and why you must master the art of creating them (or having them created) if you want to survive.

I will show you how to do it, or get it done at a very low cost, inside CS Social Sales Funnels.

Starting a few years back content marketing changed the marketing landscape forever.

Prospective customers expect more free content than ever before. They want to hear some of your best ideas before they commit to make a purchase.

This is why following up with email alone is not enough. Don’t get me wrong – email is still the #1 way to market online. And it is the foundation of any profitable sales funnel.

But today we need to add marketing power to email follow up by adding more follow up methods to the mix.

Inside CS Social Sales Funnels I am combining my 14 years of email follow up experience with the best of today’s methods to teach an entirely new sales funnel strategy. And it works!

As late as 2010 you could send traffic to a sales letter and expect it to convert.

Back then a good sales letter would convert cold traffic (people not on your list) at 10% to 20%.

Not any more.

Today’s sales letters convert at a pitiful 1/2 of 1% unless the traffic going to them has been warmed up by your sales funnel.

If you are running ads and sending traffic to a sales letter (any sales letter) your days are numbered. The market has moved on. Today’s buyers must be warmed up by a sales funnel before they will consider making a purchase.

Are you ready to join the evolution?

If you want to learn this new style of selling then now is the perfect time to join me at Common Sense Social Sales Funnels!

I am teaching everything I know about this topic, and recruiting some of my high-powered Internet marketing friends as well.

You will see exactly what I mean in Module 1, to which you get instant access when you join.

Want the Grand Opening discount?

If you act now, you can save $100 off the regular price of the course. I know it’s back to school time, and I want this to be affordable for all.

Use this link to lock in your savings and get instant access to the course.

It is a four-week course, so be prepared to do the homework and take the steps. If you do, you will be able to build a highly effective social sales funnel for any product you promote, in any niche, including affiliate products.

I very much hope you join me inside Common Sense Social Sales Funnels!

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