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I heard from five different members this week that they are overwhelmed. Confused. Not sure which way to go and unable to get it all done.

I can relate. I’ve been there … recently!

In all the years I’ve been in business I have discovered that there are really only two practical paths to getting more done.

  1. Do fewer things and do them very well.
  2. Find competent people (or train them) and delegate tasks to them.

SIDE NOTE: I say “practical” paths because working 70-hour weeks is just not sustainable. Sure, you get more done but at what price?

So let’s talk about delegation for a minute.

There have been volumes written about delegation, so I won’t “replow that field” as we say here in Texas.

But what I can do is this – I can give you a simple formula for deciding what should be delegated.

It’s a three step process.

  1. Make a list of all the things you do in your online business during a one-week period. And I do mean all. Leave nothing out.
  2. Put a line through everything that does not directly contribute to bringing in money. This is business, after all.
  3. Of the things that are left, decide which can be handled by someone other than you, and then count the cost. If your time is worth $75 per hour and you can hire a qualified outsourcer for $25 per hour you can’t miss.

Doing this short exercise will not win you the Nobel Prize or completely change your life. But it will get you a step closer to clarity, and being clear about what you want, and are willing to do, is important.

And knowing that is a beautiful thing indeed!

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