MOVED – Do You Use Lead Magnets? Here Are Two Things You Must Remember.


I mentioned in my last email message that I would share two important things with you.

As a reminder – I was asking if you can give away TOO much value to get someone on your list.

My answer was no, you can’t give too much. But you need to know these two things …

… so here they are!

Thing 1 – You can convert freebie-seekers into buyers by using a follow up email funnel.

I’ve not only seen this work but I’ve been working it for about 12 years now.

It took me EIGHT years to develop this technique.

I call the technique the Breathing Method and it works like crazy!

Thing 2 – Using an entry point offer (also called a “tripwire”) will help make your list building earn you a very quick profit.

You see, when you are using a high value premium to build your list of buyers (or just build your list) you need to cast your net very wide.

Get everyone you can to see your squeeze page and drool over the lovely goodie you are giving away.

And THEN let those who sign up see an offer immediately.

And I mean immediately as in an offer on the thank you page they see when they sign up.

I actually teach this in this Group Coaching.

And it works like crazy.

So there are your two things.

These two things are what you need to get true cold traffic system going that converts MANY strangers into buyers.

Hope this helps.


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