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Should affiliate marketers take the time to build a list?

It’s a legitimate question. After all, building a list takes time and effort.

  • Creating a lead magnet.
  • Building a squeeze page.
  • Writing follow up messages.
  • Knowing what to say in those messages.

It can seem overwhelming – especially for someone who still believes the lie that you can grab an affiliate link, send out an ad and make money.

If you are an affiliate marketer and do NOT have a list, you need to start building your list quickly.

If you don’t, you very well might be leaving money on the table.

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Hi, this is Charlie Page, and today I want to talk with you about email marketing for affiliate marketers.

I am often asked if affiliate marketers should build a list of their own or not bother.

After all, they’re promoting someone else’s product.

Isn’t it their job, the person who owns the product, the product creator, isn’t it their job to do the selling?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, technically, you can skip building a list if you’re as an affiliate marketer, if you want to leave making sales to chance.

In other words, you’re putting the ability to sell a product in somebody else’s hands, not your own.

You’re not controlling your own destiny, and if you want to leave money on the table.

You see, the number one asset you can own online is your list, and yet most people don’t have a profitable mailing list, at this time, even if they’ve been online for years.

As an affiliate marketer, you do want to have a list of your own for three main reasons.

1 – People buy many products.

Any one person, who is on your mailing list, will buy many products.

If you don’t have a list of your own, you miss out on these sales completely.

Not just the product you’re promoting.

They’re going to buy other things too. Let me use one of my own products as an example, The Directory of Ezines.

The DOE has been online since 1997.

We’ve got a lot of customers, and so we’ve been able to study their buying patterns.

People who buy the DOE, also buy autoresponder services. They buy copywriting services, because they want to send solo ads and ezine ads.

They buy traffic getting courses, even though the DOE is a great source of traffic, they know they need additional traffic sources.

They buy ad trackers, because you have to track your ads, right?

And much more.

Why would an affiliate pass that up?

This is why I make it easy for my affiliates to build their own list, when promoting the DOE.

2 – Your email sequence might work better than the one the product seller uses.

So, there’s a product owner, and there’s you, the affiliate.

Your system could work, actually better. It’s true. Here’s why.

With a little work, you can target your sequence to the specific traffic source you are using.

You will know their needs and their wants. You will know who they are, because you’ve identified them, and the product owner doesn’t have this advantage.

He or she must write their follow-up email messages for a broad market, for everybody.

You don’t have to do that.

You could be targeting somebody who is a sub-niche, of the product you’re promoting, and be able to speak to those particular needs.

You can be more guerrilla in your marketing.

3 – Your own list is marketing power.

There’s no question about this. I’ve been preaching this, and doing it, and teaching it, for many, many years.

No matter what you’re doing online, you need a list of your own, even if you’re an affiliate marketer.

A person who has a list can promote any product, any time they want, at zero cost.

Otherwise, you’re stuck buying advertising.

They can ask questions of the people on their list.

They can be of service to the people on their list, and they can help them meet their needs, and when they do that they build authority, and they build trust, and they build relationship.

That’s how you get to be in a position where people buy multiple products from you over the years.

No medium except email can do this. Even social media, as powerful as it is in reach, can’t do this yet.

Now, how about you?

Do you have a list of your own?

If you don’t, do you want a list of your own?

Now is the time to get one.

If you need help doing that, visit me at, and I will help you. I’ve got free resources, tools. We give away more information, than we sell.

So, visit me there, and search for list building, and you’ll find lots of information.

Now, around this video somewhere, there’s going to be a sharing button.

Please take a moment to share it.

This is Charlie Page. Thank you for being here. I hope you have a great day.

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