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This is a follow up to an article about Multi Dimensional Marketing. Click here to read the first article.

Would you like a free template that can help you create passive income with Infinity Marketing?

Read on to learn how to download this template today and how to start using it as well. 

Once you have it, I suggest setting up the system for every product you promote. Your bottom line will thank you!

In a recent article I introduced you to the idea of Multi Dimensional Marketing

Today’s post will help you implement what was shared in that post. 

When it comes to selling things online, the times they are a’ changing.

While email is still the #1 marketing method, new methods have been developed that make your marketing mix more powerful. 

The idea is simplicity itself … how can we create more contact points with our prospective customers without emailing them so much that they disengage. 

Enter what I call the Infinity Marketing Method


?As you can see in the image above, we are successfully contacting our potential buyer more often but in a less intrusive way. 

Because our contacts with them use various methods, it does not seem to them we are pounding away with email. 

And all of this is based 100% on having their permission. 

  • If they allow us to contact them via Facebook Messenger, we do that.
  • If they allow us to text them, we do that. 
  • If they allow us to email them, we do that.

But we do NONE of that without getting permission first. This is a vital fact we must all obey.

Let’s talk about how this works. 

If possible, have a print out of the template handy. 

We start with a squeeze page

It is vital that you send all traffic to one of two places. 

  1. A squeeze page
  2. Content

Let’s look at each and why they matter. 

Sending traffic to a squeeze page.

Sending traffic to a squeeze page is smart because you build your list. And the money is in what you do with the list … no doubt about it.

In addition, if you set the thank you page of your opt-in form correctly, you can actually recover ad costs almost immediately. 

This is called a Self Liquidating Offer and it’s one of the first things I help clients achieve

The key to creating a successful squeeze page is using a simple design.

Your message must be completely clear, completely congruent with your ad, and compelling.

Here is the formula for a successful squeeze page.

  1. Everything above the fold.
  2. A powerful headline.
  3. A sub-headline that amplifies the headline.
  4. Three to five bullet points that clearly state what’s in it for them.
  5. A “hero” image, which simply means an image of the lead magnet be it a book, webinar, cheatsheet, etc.
  6. A call to action button in a contrasting color. The button needs to stand out without shouting.

It actually takes some courage to send traffic to a squeeze page. After all, 50% or more of the visitors will not opt-in. 

But it’s worth the risk because you simply must have the list.

You will earn your money from email follow up, whether you start now or later. 

Sending traffic to content.

Sending traffic to content, typically your blog, is very smart for three important reasons. 

  1. You can still get them to opt-in if your blog is optimized for traffic.
  2. Your blog builds your authority and builds trust. You give freely and visitors will reciprocate
  3. Google and social media platforms LOVE content marketers because the person who comes from their platform sees content, not a pitch.

When someone comes to your squeeze page or blog, two important things need to happen.

  1. They need to be offered a chance to join your list.
  2. They need to be pixeled so you can follow up with them using remarketing.

NOTE: If you do not have both of these in place contact me now and let’s get that going for you.

We then follow up with subscribers AND non-subscribers

You follow up with subscribers via email AND other methods. 

You follow up with non-subscribers (those who did not opt-in) with remarketing

We’ll save remarketing for another article.

For now, let’s look at what the Infinity Marketing Method looks like if someone does join your mailing list. 

Day 1

On day 1 you make two contacts

  1. You email them, thanking them for joining your list and delivering the lead magnet you promised.
  2. You contact them using your Facebook Messenger Bot and ask them a compelling question. 

Our recent testing has received a 90% engagement rate with Facebook messenger using this method. 

That simply means that 90% of people respond and engage with the first message. 


Day 2

On day 2 you send them an email and a SMS text message. 

These messages do not say the same thing.

The email is a follow up to day 1 where you set an “open loop” by asking a question you answer on day 2’s email.

In the text you simply ask them to reply to a question with a yes or no answer. 

What you want here is engagement

The question can be a selling one, however.

For example, you could offer a coupon code available by text only. If they reply, they get the code. 

Of course, you want the code to have a short shelf life so you do close sales. 

Day 3

On day 3 you send them one simple email and nothing more.

You have contacted them four times in two days, so it’s time to back off just slightly while keeping your foot in the door. 

If you want to add power to this email, include a free gift.

Day 4

On day 4 you contact them via Facebook again and with an email. 

Both are completely automated and based on how they interacted in days 1 – 3.

I suggest offering the same coupon code here via Facebook as you did on day 2 via SMS text. 

The reason this works is that people often regret missing out on a deal and will take it up quickly the second time.

Making a different offer is fine too.

Just don’t make your Facebook message and email say the same thing and you should be fine.

Day 5

On day 5 you begin your 24 hour closing sequence for this offer. If they are going to buy, it is often during this period of time.

While you do not want to use high-pressure (you want them to stay on your list) you DO want to be transparent about the special offer closing.

If you are an affiliate, your special offer can be a bonus package you created for promoting the specific product you are offering in this campaign. 

In this case, you DO want both messages to emphasize the same theme … the offer is closing so act now. 

You recap your offer, emphasize the value proposition, and call for decisive action on day five.

Day 6

On day 6 you are contacting them three times using three methods

NOTE: There are many more ways than 3 to using the Infinity Marketing Method. I’m just giving a shorter case study.

Today is the day you unashamedly say their special offer will be gone unless they act now. 

No hard-pressure needed here – just state the case and be sure to emphasize the huge value you are offering them.

If you are using the standard 10X methodology (your offer is worth 10 times what they are paying) this day will often be your biggest sales day.

After the campaign ends

After the campaign ends your subscriber goes into what we call the Return Path. Some people call it a bucket.

In the Return Path, you send helpful teaching, curated and original blog posts, and offers for additional lead magnets

IMPORTANT: After your campaign is over you do NOT keep offering the same product. They have said no and we must respect that. 

This is why offering multiple lead magnets for the same product is important. 

Tools needed to do this.

You need these tools to pull it off. 

  • A product to promote.
  • An autoresponder
  • A squeeze page – I recommend Clickfunnels (affiliate link)
  • A Facebook bot – I recommend ManyChat
  • A SMS text account – I recommend Twillio
  • The map I am giving you today.


Okay, that was a lot of data. I get that. But this is worth your time so feel free to print it out, read it again, and share with your friends.

This IS how things are sold online. It’s easier to do than you think. And it costs less that most people think. 

Learn this method and use it.

When you do, you will set up a series of automated selling systems that can be connected together into a powerful, passive income system. 

And automation combined with passive income is a beautiful thing indeed!

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