MOVED – How can I get to Carnegie Hall?


A tourist to a street musician “How can I get to Carnegie Hall?”

Street musician to tourist “PRACTICE!”

Even though it is not the answer the tourist expected, or needed in that moment, it is the right answer.

Getting where you want to do depends in large measure on where you are starting from.

Stage 1

In this stage your goal is to make sales online. Period. You need to prove to yourself that this Internet thing can work for you.

By the way, it can work for you just like it works for anyone else. If you take the steps, you get the result.

The business of the Internet does not discriminate.

In Stage 1 you are likely going to be an affiliate marketer. So you need to focus on the things that successful affiliate marketers are doing and consider doing them too.

For the most part.

You see, today we have very professional affiliate marketers who have a large presence and large staff of outsourcers.

You will often find these affiliate marketers on many platforms, including

  • A Facebook profile.
  • A Facebook page.
  • A Facebook group.
  • Instagram.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Their own blog.
  • Their own podcast.
  • Their own YouTube channel.

And that list could be much longer!

Here’s the thing – if you try to keep up with someone on that level you will dilute your marketing power.

To have real marketing power you need to have a concentration of energy focused on one or two areas.

Goals in Stage 1

  • Your first $1000.
  • Your first 1000 subscribers.
  • 200 visitors a day to your blog.
  • Publish 50 posts to your blog.
  • Establish a Facebook presence.
  • Focus on building your list.

Stage 2

Goals for Stage 2

  • Consistently earn $4000 per month.
  • Create your own products.
  • Build your list to 10,000 subscribers.
  • 800 visitors a day to your blog.
  • Publish 200 posts to your blog.
  • Establish a Facebook group.
  • Focus on building your list.

Stage 3

Goals for Stage 3

  • Consistently earn $10,000 per month or more.
  • Continue and extend your product line.
  • Open an affiliate program and recruit affiliates.
  • Hire outsourcers for routine tasks.

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