MOVED – How Clear Is Your Vision?


When it comes to succeeding in business, online or offline, having a clear and compelling vision of what you want to become matters more than most people realize.

Zig Ziglar said the following …

“You are where you are and what you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change where you are – you can change what you are – by changing what goes into your mind.”

So profoundly true.

But how does that apply to your and your business?

How can you change what goes into your mind every day in such a way that it propels you toward the success you want and deserve?

I believe there are three things you can do every day that will enhance your chances of success, and your feeling of enthusiasm about being on the right track.

The key to this technique lies in taking a few actions.

The entire process should take mere minutes yet the effect can last all day long.

Like bathing, this is best done every day; not something you do once and then not again. 🙂

Make sure you are believing big enough

To succeed in any business you need a dream. Not just a goal, a dream.

Why do you need a dream?

Because you will hit the wall. You will encounter resistance. You will face obstacles.

When the inevitable trials come those with a dream react by saying “how do I overcome this challenge?”

Those without a dream, without a burning desire, tend to say “how do I get out of this deal?”

My dream was an automated business that would earn a certain level of income every day without my direct involvement.

It took me 6 years to get there.

Along the way I learned a lot, made great money and formed close friendships.

There were many times when I was tempted to quit. Tempted to think my dream of true automation and freedom was impossible and too much. Tempted to believe that where I was should be “good enough”.

But my dream drove me forward in the good times, and bad. And one day I looked up to realize I had achieved that dream.

So I dreamed again! And now I have the passion and joy that only chasing another major dream can bring.

What is your dream?

  • Does it inspire you?
  • Does it challenge you?
  • Does it frighten you (in a good way) a little?

Feel free to share below.

Find mentors and examples of businesses that inspire you

It is vital that the people you follow, those whose sites you visit and emails you read, inspire you and make you want to do more. To be more.

In a world full of bad news it’s easy to forget that there are some great people in the world. Noble people, who are living not only for themselves but to help others.

In business, and in other realms as well, it’s easy to find those who will inspire you if you try.

Let me strongly encourage you to take the time to find three people, or even one, who truly inspire you. Once you find that person (or persons) visit them every day and learn from what they do.

  • Read their books
  • Subscribe to their email series
  • Visit their sites
  • Listen to their interviews

Find all the ways you can to consume their content. And once you do that, model their success without directly copying their methods.

Let what they do inspire what you do. And then go out and create value for your customer. Value that comes from your heart. Value that would make your mentor proud.

Take time every day to improve

It is vital that you commit to learning what you need to know. We all have to learn in order to earn.

When I was a baby copywriter I would visit countless sites and read their copy, focusing especially on their headlines and sub-headlines.

Then I would spend hours writing headlines.

After a while, I got pretty good at it! 🙂

After I became better at headlines I did the same thing with articles, sales letters, follow up emails and more.

It took work, and lots of it, but without that work I would not have the wonderful business I have today.

While you don’t have to be a rocket surgeon in order to make money online (or offline) you do need basic skills.

If you want to work online the core skills are …

  • Being able to build (or have built) a web presence where people can find you.
  • Creating, or curating, content that helps people.
  • Building a mailing list so you can keep in touch with visitors.
  • Offering products and services you create or believe in to those who like you and trust you.

If you can do only these things you can build a wildly successful online business if you are focused and committed to your success.

Take time today to make a list of three skills you need to develop in order to achieve your dream. Then set goals around those skills in order to learn and refine them.

Succeeding online is a mystery to many. But the fact is there is no mystery at all.

Serving others, delivering value and never quitting are the keys to online success from my point of view.

If you take time to do the three things we discussed above soon time will become your ally. Your vision and focus will intensify and become incredibly clear.

When that happens you will wake up knowing exactly what you want and exactly how to get it.

And knowing that is a beautiful thing indeed!


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