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This is part 1 of a 2 part series. To see part 2, click here.

Making sales online comes down to one thing … converting cold traffic into buyers.

The #1 skill you need to develop is converting cold traffic into buyers. 

The most profitable profession online is converting cold traffic into buyers.

The good new is this …

Converting cold traffic into buyers is not a mystery, it is a logical step by step process.

In today’s video I reveal the first three steps.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Hi. This is Charlie Page and I want to share with you how to convert cold traffic into buyers. 

It’s vital to be able to take that big pool of cold traffic and convert them into buyers and be able to do that over and over again. This will be a multi-part series.

All people who want to sell things online face the same challenge you do and I do.

I’ve been doing this over 15 years. If you’ve been doing it for 15 minutes, we all have the same challenge.

That is to find people who are interested in our products and persuade them to buy from us. That is the nature of doing business online.

It’s much harder than most people will admit, but it doesn’t have to be.

The secret to success in this area comes down to one word. That word is:


Do you have a cold traffic system?

Do you, right now, know how to find people who are interested in what you have to offer, you already know they’re interested, and then get them into a system by which automation can convert them into a raving fan?

If you don’t have that, it’s very important to focus on.

If you do, you will prosper. If you don’t, it will be a struggle. That’s just the nature of the business, until you have a system in place.

In these short videos, I want to share six ways you can convert cold traffic into buyers using automation and proven, very conservative marketing methods.

We’re not talking about cutting edge, leading edge stuff that’s just came out, you’ve got five minutes to do it.

This is what’s been working for a very long time and still works wonderfully well.

First, what is cold traffic?

Cold traffic describes people who do not know you.

There’s no such thing as “traffic.” There are people and pools of people who meet certain criteria.

These people who don’t know you can be described as “cold traffic.”

They don’t trust you yet because they don’t know you. How could they possibly trust you? They are somewhat skeptical (this is completely natural!) about buying from you.

As a person who wants to sell things online, your number one job is to find them and convert them from skeptics into believers.

They need to believe that what you offer is of value, that they will receive support, that what they buy will work for them.

The three questions strangers have about us and our offers are these.

1. Will this product work? That’s the first thing they wonder.

2. Will this product work for me? Sure, it works for a lot of people, but will it work for me in my circumstances?

3. Is this product worth the money they’re asking for it?

These are questions that are universal. Every buyer has these questions. The more we can pre-answer these questions in our marketing material, the better we will do.

The more a person knows and trusts you, the less concern they have about these questions.

When you go for the sale on the first visit, you have everything working against you.

When you warm up your cold traffic, you begin to make sales.

More importantly, you begin to make customers, customers who will buy again and again, customers who will refer their friends to you, customers who become advocates.

I know this is true because I’m living it and I’ve lived it for over 15 years online. If that sounds like what you want, let’s talk about the six ways to do that.

Today, we’ll cover the first three.

Who Else Wants 10,000 Visitors?

Method one is content.

Content is king for one very good reason. It helps the visitor before asking them to spend money, before asking them to make a decision, and even before asking them to share their email address.

When you have a content forward marketing strategy, what you have is a situation by which a stranger can come to your website or blog or webinar, whatever it is you’re doing, they can consume that content with no obligation.

?They can do it completely anonymously.

What that means is they relax and they can trust you because you’re giving before you ask to receive.

Content is best delivered via WordPress blog. There’s just no question about it.

WordPress won the war and they are the standard for great marketing.

What should this content be about? It should be about helping visitors solve a specific problem.

The more specific, the better. This content needs to be focused on the visitor, not on you.

Now, this is true whether you do webinars, YouTube videos, blog posts, audio. Doesn’t matter what method of content marketing you’re doing, the focus has to be on them, not on you.

You’re not telling your story. You’re helping them create their success story. You’re not the hero of their story. They are. You’re the helper. You’re the guy who shows them the path forward from where they are now to where they want to be.

The more you can see yourself in that role, the better your content marketing will work.

This is done via videos like this one, social posts, blog posts, free downloads, podcasts, and more. I didn’t put webinars on the list, but it should be on there. Webinars work well too.

Any method you use to help people is content and content marketing works incredibly well. It ignites reciprocity and that is a powerful force working for you in your business.

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Method number two, free downloads.

I didn’t put the word free on there, but this is what I’m talking about, free downloads. This is also known as a lead magnet.

While articles and videos are great, and they are, they limit your ability to tell the whole story. Let’s face it. People are only going to watch videos for so long and only read articles for so long. You use downloadable reports to keep telling the story that you began telling in your article or your video or on your webinar, whatever it is.

A great lead magnet is an extension of a conversation you started with your blog post or social media post or your advertising.

The key is conversation.

Extend the conversation with a great download and build your list at the same time. When you use this strategy, you naturally and comfortably lead into the most powerful conversion tool of all time and that is followup email.

Let’s recap for one second.

Let’s pretend that a new person has come into your world and let’s look at what the flow looks like. A person learns about you from your advertising or social or from a friend. They visit your site and read your content. They like it and so they download a report while they’re there.

What is the logical next step?

The logical next step is you email them to say thank you or you email them to ask if they have questions or you email them to notify them of a special report or all three. Now, not all three on the same day, not within 15 minutes. This begins an extension of the conversation that began on your blog and was extended by the download and now has moved on to email.

This is natural marketing and it works.

It’s much like an offline relationship. You meet a person through a friend. Now, do you invite that person to dinner on the first meeting? Probably not.

You start small, maybe coffee. Then it builds into a movie or dinner or other conversation and then it grows. As you get to know each other, you see that you are a good fit.

Business is like that, too.

Knowing how to convert that stranger into someone with whom you fit is called converting cold traffic into buyers.

In the next video, I’ll share the next three methods and then we’ll take the conversation farther from there.

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This is Charlie Page. Thank you for being here and I hope you have an excellent day.

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