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When it comes to succeeding with a blog few areas are more important that doing a great job with comments.

And few areas are more neglected or misunderstood than comments.

I am writing this because we just passed a milestone with our little blog. Only days ago we passed 10,000 comments from readers!

10000 comments on CharliePage

What a thrill. And what a privilege to be of service to readers.

Over the past few years, I have seen big blogs abandon comments. They went to services like Disqus to make things easier. Some removed all comments completely and forced readers to comment on social media platforms.

Just last week two major blogs reversed course and started taking comments on their blog.

I applaud their decision because people matter and need to be heard.

So how can you get 10,000 comments on your blog? There are six simple steps below. But first, why would you want comments at all?

I believe there are five reasons for taking the time to allow, and reply to, comments.

  1. It is good for readers. People have questions. Why not help them?
  2. It is good for relationships. People who comment on your blog will join your list, buy your products, recommend you to others and more. If you respect them enough to allow and reply to their comments.
  3. It is good for SEO. Comments are search engine gold. Enough said.
  4. It is good for business. Business is about helping people. Comments are a perfect opportunity to do that, and know what people are thinking (and what they need) quickly and easily.
  5. Comments make you better. When I miss it on an article readers let me know. When I get it right, they let me know. No money can buy that authentic feedback. And that feedback makes me better at my job.

Now let’s look at six easy ways you can begin getting meaningful comments on your blog. And hopefully build up to 10,000 comments … or even more!

1 – Be Yourself

Too many people avoid posting to their blog until they either have a huge “aha” moment to share or can write the “perfect” post. That is the wrong approach by a long shot.

The key to blogging successfully is to just be yourself. Share openly from your ideas and experience. Help people take the next step in their journey.

You can do that. And when you do readers will reward you.

2 – Be Transparent

On the graphic below, notice the third post from the top. It’s a prayer request. Not exactly a business topic, and certainly not a “how to” article. Yet it received many comments.

Top commented posts on CharliePage

In this case, it was a prayer request I was posting for a reader who has cancer. Thank God, she is well today.

My point here is simple – share what is happening in your life. Those who pretend to be “up” all the time or only have super-great things happen to them sound phony.

If are open and honest with your readers you will connect to them in ways you can’t imagine. And those connections will bless you both.

3 – Be Available

I reply personally to almost all comments. In fact, I am the only one who replies to comments. No VAs. No support staff. Not even my wife.

I do it all for one reason – I WANT to be connected to my readers.

Here is the interesting thing; it does not take much time. If you look through my replies to comments you will find that I am brief, but helpful.

The time you spend approving and replying to comments will come back to you 1000 fold in relationship and yes, sales.

747 Brown Banner

4 – Be Helpful

Here is an important reality. You can’t help everyone no matter how hard you try or how good your intention may be. It’s just not possible.

That said, you would be amazed at how much you can help people in comments on your blog.

Very often what a person really needs is a specific piece of information (such as “what does CPC mean?”) or a simple word of encouragement.

The thing about working online is that most of us do it alone. I am alone in my office right now. Many of you work alone at night after work. Or catch a few minutes here and there as you can.

We all have doubts. And those come to us when we are alone, tired and not getting the results we want.

If you can provide a word of encouragement to a reader in a comment you will both be a blessing and be blessed in the giving of your time.

the same is true if you can answer a simple question for them.

5 – Be Consistent

It’s best to approve and reply to comments every day Monday – Friday. While it is good to reply as soon as possible, you don’t need to be tied down by this.

If you miss a few days, that’s okay. But don’t let being a little late stop you. I have replied to comments two weeks late due to my health. When I do reply, and explain the delay, people are more than understanding.

6 – Keep It Clean

If you know me you know I hate coarse language. But avoiding the dirty words is not what I mean here. Although I do recommend it! 🙂

What I mean is keeping your comment system clean of spam and bad links.

Using tools like Broken Link Checker and Akismet keep your commenting system clean, which makes Google (and your readers) very happy.

Accepting comments on your blog is smart business, good for real people and will be a blessing to you as well. The closer you are to readers the more you can serve them, know their needs and, when appropriate, offer them products that solve their problems. 

And solving problems is a very beautiful thing indeed!

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