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There are many today who are worried. They worry about the economy of the world or of their country.

Some are worried that they have missed it – that they are too late to still succeed online.

Even others worry that they don’t have what it takes. They worry that they have wasted their opportunity.

They have bought so much garbage and suffered so much disappointment that they fear they won’t be able to rise above it all and really learn to make a living online.

For all of them, and for you and me too, I have an important message today.

THIS can be your best year ever!

Whether you are struggling to make your first dollar online, or whether you have an online business that provides more income than you can spend, this year presents unique and stunning opportunity for you.

I believe there are four keys to making this year your best year ever.

Today we will cover the first key. I will then publish a new on each topic to finish out all four keys and how to use them.

The first key is mindset – you must believe before you can achieve

I’m not a huge “law of attraction” guy but I do know this … fear is the enemy. Negative thinking must be banished – it must be overcome.

You really do get what you think about, although thinking alone is not enough.

If you are one who is worried that the door of success is closed – that the opportunity to make money online has passed you by – then take the time to realize that there is no reason you can’t succeed online.

A CRM system helps your business grow because it tracks the history of customer interactions. Why is this important? Because tracking is everything. From calls made and emails sent, to meetings held, presentations delivered, and even the next steps needed to close the deal or grow that customer account.

To run smoothly, your business needs customer relationship data that’s automatically updated, with instant access for employees, and provides a full history of all communications, meetings, and documents shared.

This, by far, is the Best CRM definition we’ve read in a long time.

Please read that again.

There is NO reason success can’t happen for you too.

I have been fortunate to know most of the online “gurus” and those who sell millions every year. I can tell you, as they would, that they did not achieve success based on who their parents are or what school they attended.

While some have special skills, all have one quality that matters most.

That quality is the ability to take action and to believe for a good outcome.

If others can do it you can do it too.

  • It does not take special skills, although some skills will be required.
  • It does not take a huge budget, although having more money to work with is better than less.
  • It does not take a Herculean effort, although you will need to commit to work hard and the hours will sometimes be long.

So ready yourself in this way – starting today begin saying only good things about yourself.

Banish from your external and internal vocabulary (both your words and thoughts) any hint of you not being good enough, of being “dumb” or “slow” or anything like that.

Flatly reject the idea that others deserve success but you somehow don’t, that you are different in some way that means what works for others will not work for you too.

If you need help with this see Zig Ziglar’s site and immediately read the book “Born to Win”.

Because you really were born to win. These are some of the words that changed my life. I discovered them later in life than most and I burn them into my brain every day.

Zig Ziglar said …

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

Please notice that being born is not enough. Our parents and God saw to to that part. Now we have to add to that work this part … the ability and willingness to plan, prepare and expect.

The second key is a commitment to quality.

In the next article we will continue by looking at how you can commit to quality and rise above the limitations that currently hold you back.

For today, know this … you WERE born to win and success can be yours just as assuredly as it has been achieved by those who went before you.

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