MOVED – How To Redirect A Blog Post Or Page


Have you ever wanted to redirect traffic from one page to another but did not know how?

This is a common blogging question and something we all need to do from time to time. There are several common situations where redirecting traffic can come in handy.

  • You stop promoting product A and want to redirect traffic to product B instead.
  • You have ads running that go to a sales page and you want to redirect traffic to your squeeze page.
  • You have a page that needs updating but you don’t have time. You want to redirect visitors to your blog’s home page.
  • You are running a promotion and want all pages to go to the landing page for your promotion for the next 2 weeks.

Did you know there is an easy and free way to do this? You gotta love WordPress!

In this short video I take you through every step needed to get the job done, including installing the plugin (it’s free!) and configuring it in real time.

I hope you enjoy it.

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