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Have you ever been confused by online advertising? Most have. The terms alone can be overwhelming. Terms like CPC or ROI or CPA can be confusing to say the least.

I thought my CPA was my accountant!

Today let’s look together at solo advertising to help clear up the confusion.

Before we begin, I have an Internet Marketing Dictionary that will help clear up confusing terms. You can access it by clicking here.

Today we will deal with how solo ads work. In an upcoming article I’ll cover the costs of solo ads as well as where you can find reliable solo ad sellers.

How do solo ads work?

It’s important to understand how something works before spending your hard earned money.

You may be saying “duh!” but believe me when I tell you I hear from people all the time who plunk down $300 or $900 or even $4000 because the guru on the video said they didn’t need to do any work, just buy his product.

So, in the spirit of understanding how business works online, here is an overview of how solo ads work.

A solo ad is an email that goes out alone, not combined with any other offers or as part of an Ezine. Because it goes out alone the term “solo” began being used (in 1997) to describe this type of ad.

I’m happy to say the Directory of Ezines, founded in 1997, helped the use of that term gain acceptance.

A solo ad goes to the list of the person from whom you buy the ad.

This is sometimes an Ezine publisher and sometimes a marketer who sells ad space to his or her list. More and more we are seeing solo ad sellers who do nothing but sell solo ads for a living.

You have to be super careful here
because they will blast out five or more solos a day, which means bad results for you.

Much more about that in an upcoming article.

When you buy a solo ad, the list owner sends the email for you.

You have to provide him or her with ad copy so they can send your ad for you. Many Ezine publishers will advise you about what type of ad copy works best, and some will even fine tune your ad copy for you.

These sellers care about clients and will do a good job for you.

Not all solo sellers are created equal.

Well, they are because they are human and I respect that. But they don’t all deliver equal value. Not by a long shot.

You basically have four types of people who sell solo ads. This is an important part, so pay close attention.

  1. Ezine publishers sell solo ads.
  2. Online marketers sell solo ad.
  3. Solo ad specialists sell solo ads.
  4. Scammers and thieves sell solo ads. (Sorry, someone has to say it.)

In another article I will share specifics on each type of solo ad seller.

And I will reveal how the thieves and scammers work so you can avoid them. So be on the lookout for that.

Some common misconceptions about solo ads are:

  • The publisher (or solo ad seller) will send the again again free if you don’t make enough sales.
  • The publisher (or solo ad seller) will write the ad copy for you.
  • The publisher (or solo ad seller) will give you a copy of his or her list.
  • The best solo ads are the one where you are guaranteed to get clicks.
  • Solo ads used to work but don’t work as well anymore.

There are others of course, and please do feel free to leave your question in the comments below. I will be happy to answer them.

Let’s leave it there for today. In an upcoming article I will share specifics about the types of people who sell solo ads, and which are better, as well as where you can find the right solo provider for your offer.

Until then, be well.

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