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When it comes to having your own business online, and making a full time living from that business, far too many people are believing something that is not true.

They are believing what I call the Big Lie. It’s a lie I believed at one time.

The Big Lie goes like this … “I’m no expert. No one would ever take the time or pay money to read or hear anything I have to say”.

To this Big Lie I say hogwash. Bull. No no no. You will not keep people down any longer!

The truth is completely different.

In fact, you absolutely do have knowledge, experience and passion that can be turned into a real business.

A business that pays you handsomely and is predictable and fun. A business that provides stability, a full time living and the time freedom to enjoy your life.

Here’s but one example.

One of my favorite publications is Bottom Line Personal. Unlike some today, I love paper books and magazines. I’ve got the iPhone and iPad and other I-stuff. But there is nothing that can take the place of turning a page of paper in my view.

So I read paper books and subscribe to actual paper magazines. And Bottom Line is one of my favorites.

Just this morning I read an article in Bottom Line Personal entitled “Dump Your Bucket List” Great title, and one that got my attention.

What was interesting is this. The article said absolutely nothing that I did not already know. In fact, I have known what is in the article for years.

Now before you think I’m some smarty pants, let me explain.

The article was about goal setting. When it comes to goal setting, the author said these things.

I’ll bet that you know what she wrote about too.

See if you can fill in the Xs.

  1. Goals need to be XXecific.
  2. Goals need to be XXXX term and some need to be XXXXX term.
  3. Goals should fall into XXXXgories.

I’ll bet you got them all. The words are specific, long, short and categories.

You see what I mean? YOU could have written that article!

Here is the interesting thing. That article went out of over 250,000 (that’s 1/4 million!) paid subscribers. People like me who read the magazine because they pay for it.

Just imagine reaching that audience!

And it costs nothing to have an article in publications like this. Getting published online is even easier and you can reach an even larger audience when you do it right!

Here’s the point

Information marketing is for you, whether you believe right now you have something to share or not.

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I know it’s true because I have seen so many success stories come from people who once believed the Big Lie.

They believed they did not have anything worth sharing.

They believed that what they know did not rise to a high enough level to be read, respected or paid for.

And then they discovered the truth, and were set free. Free to share. Free to earn. Free to be free.


Consider this. In the last two weeks alone I have reviewed successful sites that put out information (blogs, books, articles, webinars) about these topics.

  • Making money online
  • How to throw a baseball faster
  • Baking sugar cookies
  • Losing weight by exercise
  • Losing weight by dieting using nutrisystem
  • can you buy nutrisystem in stores?
  • Managing your time
  • Staying on a Paleo diet
  • Making personal changes in your life
  • Applying makeup to your eyes

There are so many more I would fill up this post to list them all.

Please consider this

After almost 14 years online, here are three things I consider facts.

  1. The Internet is so vast that you can make money selling information about almost anything.
  2. You have knowledge, experience and wisdom in your head right now that can be turned into a full time living.
  3. There is a proven process, a repeatable simple process to get that knowledge out of your head and online so people can pay you for what you know.

Now let me share a few action steps you can take today to get going.

Action steps

Ready to get started? The first step is to know what you know. Sounds silly but you will understand it more fully once you have taken the steps below.

This is a big picture view of the process that takes what you know and turns it into money.

  1. Make a list of topics about which you know things – categorize it first – is it business, money management, personal growth, fishing, parenting, baking?
  2. List your success stories. What can you do because you have this knowledge?
  3. Write down the stages of development a person would go through to learn what you know now.
  4. Make a list of questions and answers someone might ask you about what you know.
  5. Make a list of resources in your chosen area of knowledge.
  6. Start blogging about it – share insights and curate content.

Believe me when I tell you, this process works. It worked for me and I’ve seen it work many many times. In fact, this is what I often teach consulting clients.

The first step in defeating the Big Lie is to know the truth.

The truth does indeed set you free.

And the truth about content marketing is this – you have what it takes. You just need to organize it, share it with the world, and know how to convert your knowledge into money using a proven process.

I hope you begin that process today. Because sharing knowledge and helping others, while being paid to do it, is a very beautiful thing indeed!

Share your mind – Grow your tribe – Build your business

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