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UPDATE: Things are changing! My new ezine, Common Sense Internet Marketing is now available.

I thought I’d update the original post about our Common Sense brand to lend context to the change in my ezine.


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This is both a personal and business post about the direction of my life and company.

My business is changing and I want to share with you both why things are changing and how these changes might effect you.

After all, without you I would not have a business. 🙂

I wrote to you in January of this year (2013) and told you of my health challenges.

At that time I shared that my business was going to …

  • Focus on quality
  • Focus on results
  • Reach a new and larger audience
  • Respond to customer’s needs

These things, and more, have happened.

A few weeks ago I was released from what turned out to be almost 19 months of painful physical therapy.

I am thankful to God, my doctors and therapists and my family for their help and patience during this time.


For many years I have tried to help people by using a common sense approach.

In business, as in life, we all try many things. We keep those that work and strive to make them better while discarding the techniques, attitudes and behaviors that don’t work.

This method of thinking, and working, is what helped me go from being a member of the Directory of Ezines to being the owner of the DOE in less than 18 months.

It’s what has helped me write 10 books, open multiple membership sites and more.

And it’s what I share with my readers, members and consulting clients.

If you have read my books, communicated with me by phone or email or read my articles you may have noticed the common sense approach in my work.

I hope you have! 🙂


Today I’m very pleased to announce our new thrust — the Common Sense brand.

Soon you will see Common Sense Publishing L.L.C. on all our websites, books and other copyrighted materials.

Not to worry — it’s still me!


Because people are hurting.

Please forgive me a little rant.

A popular phrase today is to say that something is the “new normal”.

  • High unemployment is the new normal.
  • Gas and food prices skyrocketing are the new normal.
  • People struggling to make money online is the new normal.
  • People who can’t hold a job are now called “serial entrepreneurs”
  • Selling “get rich quick” ideas is the “new normal” way to build a business online.

Here’s the problem with that.

Calling something the “new normal” seems to be a way of saying that things are not going to be as good as they were before.

Or that we have to accept poor quality, poor customer service and disappointment as a way of life.

Or that it’s your fault that you are not achieving all you want to achieve online.

Well I’m sorry but I am NOT going to go along with that line of thinking.

I’ve been in business, and in the online business, too long to agree with that mindset.


  • I believe the Internet offers opportunity to everyone, not just the “haves” or the ones with connections.
  • I believe that success online is available to every person from every nation who has the drive and willingness to learn and take the right, decisive actions.
  • I believe that a successful life is a succession of successful days. Do the right thing today and success WILL come. Not might, it will come. (My daughters are smiling at this one!)
  • I believe in a free market and a market of ideas shared freely.
  • I believe that if a business deal is not truly win-win then everyone loses.
  • I believe that success takes hard work, dedication and a willingness to sacrifice (yes, I said sacrifice) a little comfort now for a lot of comfort down the road.
  • I believe that automation, especially marketing automation, is the most important skill that one can learn.
  • I believe that those who work hard, play by the rules and remain diligent are the ones who are rewarded. The quick buck artists will fall in time. They always do. The “get rich quick” crowd will get their just rewards in time.
  • And I believe what Zig Ziglar taught — “You can get everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

These are a few of the core beliefs that drive my life and my business.

Finally, I also believe there is so much misinformation online, so much noise, that it is nearly impossible for people to make sense of how to succeed online.

These are the reasons why I’m opening the Common Sense brand of sites and products.

While I can’t reveal my entire plan here today I can say that all our sites, all my books, all of what I touch is changing for the better.

Don’t get me wrong — we deliver massive value now and always have. Just ask our customers.

But now it’s time for more.


Some of the changes taking place will be seamless to you.

They will be improvements to things we have been doing all along:

  • Delivering value
  • Responding to customers
  • Providing world-class customer support

Others will be more obvious.

My ezine, for example, is changing.

It will now be called Common Sense Internet Marketing.

It will have a new look and new content and will be out soon.

It will remain totally free.

Other changes will include changes to our affiliate program, how we deliver content to you, how we can work with you directly and more.

I will announce these changes as they occur and give all members, readers and affiliates plenty of notice.

As I mentioned in January, my goal is to:

  1. Develop fewer sites with more depth
  2. Give away more actionable information than ever
  3. Focus on quality over quantity
  4. Create premium offers that help members.


The first site in the line, Common Sense Blog Blueprint, is up and running now.

Members are getting real help. Blogs are being built and, more importantly, monetized.

Common Sense Blog Blueprint is working.

The Common Sense philosophy, which you will hear more about soon, will be applied to all my sites. I call this rebranding with a purpose — to share some good old fashioned Common Sense!

In the world of online business there are things that do work and things that might work.

My focus is going to be taking the things that do work and teaching them to you deeply and thoroughly, and in so doing work with you to help you succeed!

I look forward to our journey together!


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