MOVED – It’s Time For Your 4th Quarter Comeback!


While researching some statistics for a football site I own recently, I discovered something very interesting. A study of top NFL quarterbacks revealed recently that just under 74% of their games (306 out of 416 games) were won with 4th quarter comebacks.

The 4th quarter of the year is as important in your online business as the fourth quarter of a football game is to a team who wants to win!

In life, like football, the 4th quarter is a pivotal time.

  • Major holidays come and go.
  • Purchases are made for Christmas.
  • People spend more than they planned.
  • We see relatives and friends more often than before.
  • We sometimes put on a pound … or two! :-0

Big changes take place in the 4th quarter. But perhaps the biggest change of all is this …

People develop a desire for change in the 4th quarter and then act on that desire in the new year!

This is very important in business. Just think of the things that happen every single January, like clockwork.

  • New Years Resolutions and made and need to be kept.
  • People want to lose weight … now!
  • People desperately want to get out of debt and save more.
  • Families vow to spend more time together.
  • Goals are set and plans made the reach those goals.

These are only a few of the things that happen every January.

And it’s completely natural. [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]Humans have a natural tendency to reevaluate where they are, and where they want to be, when the calendar changes.[/social_quote]

So how can you profit from this trend?

I believe there are things you can begin doing right now that will help you prosper during the fourth quarter and set you up for a profitable January as well.

Publish and share knowledge

Now is the time to attract your audience. If you are not sure what your message is, take some time to choose a message and move ahead.

Moving now is vital. Time is still your ally, but moving now is critical. So choose a topic and start blogging today.

If you don’t have a passion at this time, start with a topic you feel will resonate in the new year. I listed a few topics above that are proven profitable year after year.

Did you know you can make money from a site about New Year’s Resolutions? It’s true.

Even tiny niches can be wildly profitable.

Focus on building your list

Focusing on building your list now is vital. It is a must do for one simple reason.

Your list will sustain you now, and will become a foundation for your success during all of next year as well.

By doing nothing more than sharing helpful information with your list, and then recommending products you believe in, you can build a very successful online business.

Once that core business is built, you can duplicate the process into as many niches as you want.

But focus on your first successful site today, and then worry about other niches once you have a five-figure income rolling in from your core site.

Engage your audience

Many people dream about a site where they publish information, or provide products, and never have to engage with another person.

Some online businesses are actually sold this way – “do this business and you never have to talk with anyone again!”

While that picture of freedom might be appealing, it is not the real world.

In the real world your customers, whether you create and sell your own products or sell as an affiliate, are going to be people.

100% of them will be a person. A person with needs and desires and hopes and dreams.

Just like you. Just like me.

The very best thing you can do is get comfortable with connecting with people who can be your customers.

This is actually quite easy to do. Here are three suggestions.

  1. Reply to all comments on your blog where it makes sense to reply.
  2. Share some on social media. You don’t need to announce every mood change or lunch you eat, just share your observations and big events.
  3. When people on your list hit reply and share something, reply to them in return. A little thing that means a lot to readers.

Recommend products you believe in

So where’s the money?

The money is in the list, the relationship you build with your list and the relationship you build with your visitors.

Part of the relationship you have with visitors is trust.

They trust you to share only the best information you can, and not to blast them with endless popups, redirects and blaring banners.

You trust them to read your information, leave meaningful comments, and buy the products you recommend.

So here is the rule: Recommend only those products you believe in and with which you have experience.

Start there and you will do well.

Do all of these things starting today, and your 4th quarter will improve.

But more importantly, you will build a firm foundation for next year, and all the years yet to come.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

It’s time for your 4th quarter comeback!

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