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When it comes to list building there is so much information already on the market one would think that the market was saturated.

Every “guru” and his pet hamster says “the money is in the list” … and it is.

It sometimes seems like every other Warrior Special Offer is a list building scheme that can’t fail and is guaranteed to bring in thousands of hungry subscribers quickly and easily.

With so much information out there it’s easy to think that everyone except you is busy building their list and making money.

But the reality is much different.

The reality is that most people trying to sell things online struggle to get traffic when they don’t need to.

They pay endless amounts of money for courses and advertising that can work but seems to fall short of what they hoped.

But there is good news.

The good news is this… you really can begin building your own mailing list and you can start doing that today by taking some specific actions.

First let’s talk about one important thing – why would you want a mailing list of your own?

While I could write a book about this subject alone, I will limit what I feel are the compelling reasons for having a list to these two.

  1. In the history of the Internet it has been observed that a full 99% of people who succeed online long-term have a list of their own. Now that’s not scientific but it’s true.
  2. When you have a list of your own you completely eliminate advertising costs. I mean completely. With your own list you can promote anything you want any time you want and as often as you want … for zero cost.

In this series I’m going to share exactly how you can go from zero subscribers to getting new subscribers every week.

If you have a list now, I’ll share how you can grow that list larger faster.

If you know me you know I hate hype, so we’ll skip all the “instant success” methods that promise you can get 100,000 subscribers in 30 days or other out-of-this-world claims.

In order to set the stage for our little list building course it seems wise to start with the big picture.

After all, knowing what is required to do a job is the first step. If you don’t know what the end looks like how can you know if you are making a good start?

To do this let’s rely on an age-old method that works.

Let’s look at the who, what, when, where, why and how of list building.


There is an easy answer to this question. The answer to who should build a list is this … anyone who is serious about building an online business or making money online.

If you are marketing online as a short term thing and you aren’t really committed to succeeding online then list building is probably not right for you.

The reason is simple – once you have a list you need to stay in touch with them and let them get to know you a bit so they can like you, trust you and buy from you.

Please notice that order because it’s important. They need to like you before they can trust you. And they need to trust you before they will buy from you.

While it’s true that you can place ads and make sales, when it comes to selling with email to your own list they really need to like and trust you before they will buy in large volume.

And large volume is what we want!


List building can be made to seem complicated or it can be very easy. Since I’m a simple guy I like easy.

All you need to build a list of your own are these things.

  1. A squeeze page. You can use a blog or other page but squeeze pages work best.
  2. An autoresponder to capture leads and send follow up messages.
  3. Something of value to get people to join your list. Just joining is not enough in most cases. People care about WIIFM (what’s in it for me) and providing a high-value “subscriber magnet” works well. Video series and downloadable PDF reports work especially well.
  4. Email messages you can send automatically to the people who sign up for your list.
  5. Great products to promote to your list. The goal here is to sell things, right? The way you do that is to provide helpful articles about a specific problem and then offer to solve that problem for your reader by suggesting a product. You don’t have to push the product because the sales letter of the product will do that. All you have to do is sell the click by creating curiosity.
  6. Targeted traffic. The key here is simple but all-important. Once you have your system in place you want to market to people who you KNOW need what you are offering. It’s called target marketing and it is the most important skill online.

If you have, or can learn to get, these six things you will have all you need to build a real and lasting online business.

One key is this – don’t limit your thinking to one market or niche. Once you learn to do these six things well you will be able to enter ANY market or niche and begin making sales quickly and automatically.


The answer here is very important – if you are not building a list now then it’s time to get started.

If you see the logic of needing a list then make a commitment today – right now – that you will begin doing something every day toward building that list of your own.

I have spoken with literally thousands of Directory of Ezines and Follow Up Selling Systems members and can tell you that they ALL wish they had begun building their list when they started working online.

Most of them lost huge amounts of time trying this system and falling for this other hyped-up deal. We’ve all been there.

All we have is today. And today is the PERFECT time to get started building your list.


The best place to get started in my view is Aweber. Aweber is not only the best autoresponder but they have an incredible free series of videos to teach you the steps you need.

In future messages I will be covering the “where” question in more detail. Things like “where can I get traffic” or “where can I find list swaps” are important enough to deserve their own articles.


Easy answer – to make money by selling things. That might mean affiliate marketing or selling your own product or something else.

But if you are online to make money then list building matters… a lot.

I’ll repeat the two reasons given above. They bear re-reading.

  1. In the history of the Internet it has been observed that a full 99% of people who succeed online long-term have a list of their own. Now that’s not scientific but it’s true.
  2. When you have a list of your own you completely eliminate advertising costs. I mean completely. With your own list you can promote anything you want any time you want and as often as you want … for zero cost.

Here’s another reason – when you have a list you become a sought-after joint venture partner. You might not believe me right now but trust me when I say that if you build a powerful list the top marketers online will come a knockin’ on your door. They will want to reach YOUR audience. How cool would that be?


The first step is to see the big picture. I hope this article helped you do that.

Take a moment to review the six points in the “What is needed” section above. That really is the road map we all follow when it comes to list building.

Begin today making a list (no pun intended) from that section of what you have and what you need. Use it as your list-building blueprint if you like.

I will tell you that having a mailing list of my own, and knowing what to do with it and how to develop trust and relationship, has been the most profitable thing I’ve ever done online. Including owning the DOE, writing 10 books and more.

About twice a year I’m asked “what would you do if you lost everything – how would you start over?”

My answer probably won’t surprise you — I would focus 100% of my efforts on building a list and giving the people on that list incredible value.

Once you do that selling takes care of itself and becomes automatic.

And having an automated selling system (or 12 of them) is a beautiful thing indeed!


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