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Can you really sell more by knowing the answer to ONE simple question?

Yes, you can.

The good news is this … you know the answer to the question right now!

You just need to trust yourself enough to find the answer and use it. 

Today’s video will help.


Hi, everybody. This is Charlie Page, and I want to share with you how to sell more by answering one simple but very powerful question.

Now, after you understand what is in this short presentation, getting clicks and sales becomes easier, because you’ll understand the question.

You ready for the question?

What does your prospect wake up thinking about?

This is a very important question.

What do they wake up thinking about? What’s their main motivation?

You know, people don’t wake up thinking about, “Which auto-responder’s right for me?” or, “Should I use WordPress or should I use Kajabi?”

They think about things that are important to their lives and that are turning points and are critical, and what we do is we focus on the minors, instead of focusing on the major motivation that people have.

There’s always a major motivation.Now, there are two approaches to using this information.

Number one is solving problems.

Every product out there, including every product you promote or you create, solves a problem. It might solve 50 problems.

That’s great, but there’s one. There’s one super problem that it solves. If you help people solve problems, you will sell more.Now, this is a typical prospect who has a problem.

She’s awake, and she’s okay, but she’s got a problem, and that’s what she woke up thinking about. She woke up thinking about,

  • How can I make more money? 
  • How can I lose weight?
  • Will my kids be okay?
  • How can I fix this broken relationship?

In every niche that you’re in, there are people who are waking up with problems. 

Help them solve their problem, and you will sell more.Now, let’s talk about solving problems. What are some thoughts about that? 

Here are some possible questions that people wake up asking, right?

“How will I make sales today?” How many people out there are trying to make sales every day, and every day turns into a disappointment?

They hear about autopilot this, and automation that, and it’s not happening for them, and they wake up frustrated. “How will I make sales today?”How about this? “How can I get out of debt?” You know, we have a crushing amount of debt in the world today.

  • Student loan debt is just out of control.
  • Credit card debt is super high.
  • People have big, expensive mortgages. 

A lot of people are living beyond their means, and when they are, they wake up thinking, “How can I get out of debt?”

If you’re in the financial niche, you can help them solve that problem.

But if you’re talking to them about flowcharts, and analysis, and this program, and how many DVDs you offer, you’re missing the point.

The point is, they’re waking up going, “Oh my goodness, I got to get out of this debt.” And that’s the thing that you need to solve.Here’s one that’s huge for every parent out there.

“Will my kids be okay?”

I mean, if you’ve got little kids right now, and you’re raising them, you’ve got to know this is a dangerous world. I mean, the news just screams it in your ear every single day, with all the terrible things going on.

Can you raise kids today and have them be healthy, and happy, and safe? Yes, but how do you do that?

And that fear is in every mom and every dad when they have little kids, and frankly, when their kids get a little bigger, it’s still there.

  • “Will my kids be okay?
  • Will they find the right person?
  • Will they find the right job?
  • Will they stay safe?” 

If you are solving this problem, you solve a bunch of other problems, but this is what they wake up thinking.How about this? “How can I do better?”

People wake up every day, and they say, “I’m better than this. I can be better than this.

I want to be a better man. I want to be a better woman.

So how can I do better? 

If you’re in the self-development, self-improvement niche, this is a driving motivation for people.

This is a hot button like no other hot button.

And if you’re talking about 50 other things, because you need more things to talk about, that might be okay, but if you forget to continue to answer this question and make this your main motivation, I believe you’re missing sales.Okay, here’s the other side of the coin, seizing opportunities.

Every person has opportunities they’re evaluating and they want to pursue.

Help them evaluate the opportunity and pursue it, and make sure it’s the right fit, and you’ll sell more.

Now, here’s a lady who’s thinking about her opportunities. She didn’t wake up with that afraid look on her face.

She’s looking forward. She’s looking out into the future, and she’s saying, “I see something there. I want that. How can I get that?”Let’s talk about seizing opportunities.

What do people wake up thinking if they’re opportunity-minded?

Well, they think, “Is this a good fit for me? I see the opportunity. I think it’s good. It sounds good. I’ve done my due diligence. But is it a good fit for me?”

That’s called internal doubt.

They believe that it’s right, they believe that it’s good, they believe it’s true, but they’re not sure it’s right for them.

How about this? “Can I really do this?”

Another internal doubt.

They can see that it’s real, they can see that it’s true, they can see that it works for other people, but they just don’t really believe yet that they can do this.

Answer that question, you make more sales.How about this? “Does this really work?”

This is kind of a vehicle doubt.

That’s what we call this, is a doubt in the vehicle.

Everything that you sell, whether it’s your own product or another person’s product, is a vehicle to help a person go from where they are now to where they want to be, as quickly and as easily as possible.

If they don’t believe in the vehicle, they stop. They can’t keep going.

So, if you’re talking about your particular opportunity, whether that’s a health opportunity, a relationship opportunity, a business opportunity, they’ve got to believe this really works.

This is why social proof is so powerful. If they believe it really works, then they can go on to the other questions.Now I want to share with you, for about 45 seconds, the most important thing that I could tell you if I never tell you anything else for the rest of my life.

This is your customer before they buy your product, they invest in your opportunity, they find the solution that you offer.

This is them before, and this is them after. See how happy they are? They’re doing a little happy dance. This is them after.

Here’s what they don’t know.

They don’t know how to get from before to after. They have no idea.Now, here’s a profound statement. It’s not mine. That’s why I can call it profound.

“A great sales message simply articulates the shift, the transformation, from the before state to the after state.”

Every product you promote, be that your own product or somebody else’s product, offers this transformation, from where they are now to where they want to be, as quickly and as easily as possible.

The more you can make your selling message simple, you can talk to them about what they’re thinking about when they wake up, and you can help them see that transformation’s possible, the more sales you’ll make.So here’s your homework.

Stop right now and write down the number one problem your product solves.

Not 50 problems, not three problems, one.

Narrow it down to one.

What is the number one problem your product solves?

Then write down the number one opportunity your product creates, because every product solves a problem and creates an opportunity.

So write down the number one, just one, for each of them.Then after you do that, leave a comment below this video and let me know what is the number one problem your product solves, and what is the number one opportunity your product creates?

Start using those approaches, and you will sell more, and when you sell more, you’ll wake up feeling like this lady, all happy, and warm, and snugly, and that’s a good thing.Okay, this is Charlie Page.

Thank you for your time.

I hope you have found this helpful. I hope you use it, because you know, simple messages sell, and the more simple we make our messages, the better, and by answering this one question, “What does my prospect wake up thinking about this morning?”

By answering that one question, a whole new world of marketing opportunities open up for you, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, blog posts, solo ads. 

Everything you do can be informed and changed by the answer to that one question.

What did my prospect wake up thinking about this morning? 

How can I help them solve that problem?

How can I help them seize that opportunity?

Okay, go out and use it. I think you’ll like it if you do.

Have a great day.

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