My Five Favorite Podcasts


Do you love to learn things that make your life, and business, better? Do you like doing that free?

If you answered yes, then these resources are for you!

I decided many years ago to be a lifelong learner. I’m always reading books, listening to tapes (now CDs and DVDs) and trying to find ways to improve myself.

This is one reason I love podcasts. You get great information about topics that matter to you, brought to you by industry leaders … all free!

I’ve heard it said that the first significant interaction of your day sets the tone for your day. This is one reason I listen to podcasts first thing in the morning.

Motivations matters in life. But motivation is like bathing – it works best when you do it every day!

So I start my day, almost every day, with a podcast.

The three things I love most about podcasts are:

  • Free learning from true experts.
  • Convenience – I can listen on my iPhone, in the car, at my desk.
  • Automation – I don’t have to keep up with downloading or updating.

I’ve been listening to, and learning from, podcasts for years now. Over the years I’ve tried well over 100 podcasts.

Here are my current five favorite podcasts. Check them out and see if they are right for you.

I am providing links to the website versions of these podcasts. You can also find them all, and many more, on iTunes.

Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life

If you don’t know Michael Hyatt, you should. He was the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, the 7th largest publisher in the world, for many years.

He is also the author of Platform, a New York Times bestseller about how to build your brand, and profit from what you know.

It’s my favorite book of 2014 and will likely be one I read again and again. My entire team is reading it right now.

Michael’s podcast is filled with actionable insights that you can apply to your life and business today. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or have a huge well-established business, Michael’s insights on productivity, using your time, finding your passions and more, are profound.

Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership

Many know Dave Ramsey as the “get out of debt” guy. But there is so much more to him. A top broadcaster, heard by literally millions, Dave has a “cut to the chase” perspective like few others.

Unashamed of his failings of the past (mistakes he calls his “stupid tax”) he helps people in all sorts of situations figure out what to do now, how to get ahead in life (and with money) and how to live in a way that brings peace and prosperity.

A powerful businessman with a large and thriving business, Dave literally came from nothing to lose it all and build it back up again.

Dave interviews top business and thought leaders. Just this morning I heard him interview Mark Cuban and took two pages of notes!

Joel Osteen’s Joel Osteen Ministries Podcast

As a person of faith I want to start my day in a way that honors God and keeps me on the best path possible. Joel’s podcast helps me do both.

One of Joel’s main messages is “living your best life now. Not a bad thought.

A somewhat shy younger man, Joel was thrust into the spotlight when his Dad (John Osteen) passed away and their church needed a leader.

Joel answered the call, contrary to what was comfortable, and today pastors the largest church in the United States, Lakewood Church.

Their church is literally housed in what used to be a professional basketball arena!

What I like about Joel’s podcast is that it is positive and practical.

  • No rants.
  • No condemnation.
  • Lots of Bible-based encouragement.

What a way to start your day!

Zig Ziglar’s Inspiring Words of Encouragement

My favorite business teacher of all time is Zig Ziglar.

Although Zig passed away almost two years ago (as of this writing) you can still get his incredible podcast free.

I have 242 episodes in my iTunes and listen to them again and again.

Why? Because they offer timeless wisdom.

Zig was the 10th of 12 kids, raised in poverty. At 45 years old he was overweight and in debt.

One day he went to a meeting that changed his life and career forever.

Today we know him as the master motivator to kings, presidents and folks like you and me.

All after “failing forward” for literally decades.

If you want to hear from someone who struggled greatly, overcame the odds, and became world famous in the second half of his life, you want to know Zig.

Ray Edward’s The Ray Edwards Show

Ray Edwards is known as one of the best copywriters on the planet. What you might not know is what a great person he is.

Ray’s podcast is entertaining, informative and just plain fun.

Ray shares insights about copywriting, which are worth their weight in gold, but he doesn’t stop there. He shares the practical aspects of managing time, growing a business, getting your name out there, and much more.

Ray has a unique perspective. His copywriting client list reads like a Who’s Who, including marketing masters like Jeff Walker, Joel Comm, Frank Kern and more.

There you have it; my five favorite podcasts.

I hope you give them a try. If you do I believe you will find that you get more information free than many paid products online.

Free learning – on your schedule – from top experts.

Now that is a beautiful thing indeed!

What about you?

What is your favorite podcast?

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