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When it comes to learning things about making money online there are basically three ways to go.

You can earn specific knowledge through trial and error.

You can buy specific knowledge from someone you trust and skip some of the learning curve.

Or you can get specific knowledge free from those who are the top of their industries if you are wiling to do a little reading and be organized about it.

In my career online I’ve done all three. Of the three my choices are to …

  • Learn from top experts free
  • Pay for specific knowledge to minimize the learning curve
  • Try really hard to avoid trial and error 🙂

In the spirit of openness I’d like to share with you four of my favorite places to get top-quality, actionable information from experts … all free.

Special note – one way you can know who to trust is to find people who DO what they tell others to do. In other words, they walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

All four of these individuals meet that standard. Their blogs do not disappoint.

Special note: These are not the only blogs I follow. I have a list of more blogs to follow, and other resources, inside Follow Up Selling Systems.

Now on with the show!

Blog 1 – Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a bone fide expert. A man on a mission to share his vision of what great marketing looks like.

From his classic “Permission Marketing” to his more recent “The Icarus Deception” Seth knows how to write in a style that helps the reader see the vision, get excited and take action.

No wonder his books fly off the digital, and physical shelves.

Here’s what I like about Seth’s blog …

  • He is consistent
  • He has a clear vision, and one with which I agree
  • His posts are short
  • He delivers actionable ideas

If you don’t know Seth you really should take a look.

Visit Seth’s main site
Visit Seth’s blog
Seth Godin’s books

Blog 2 – Copyblogger

When it comes to content marketing and creating customers who love what they buy nobody does it better than the team at Copyblogger.

When you visit Copyblogger you will experience high-level writing but not high-brow writing.

In other words, they teach but never preach.

One of the main writers at Copyblogger is the incredible Sonia Simone, who can write circles around almost any business writer out there.

If you have an interest in making money online, Internet marketing, email marketing, content marketing or all-around “how to run a successful online business” they Copyblogger is a site you will love.

I know I do. I visit them almost every day.

Owner Brian Clark is also the genius (no overstatement here) behind Teaching Sells. Teaching Sells, now off the market, is perhaps the best course I’ve ever seen on how to succeed by giving away high-quality helpful content.

Copyblogger is also the company behind the Genesis framework for WordPress (I use Genesis) as well as Studio Press, Premise (landing pages for WordPress) and Scribe (SEO for WordPress).

All in all, Copyblogger is one impressive company, and blog.

Visit Copyblogger here — and be sure to sign up for their “Internet Marketing for Smart People”. It’s one of the best ezines out there.

Blog 3 – Chris Brogan

Rumor has it that Chris is more machine than man.

While I’m not sure about that, I am sure about this – any person who can write between 2000 and 4000 finished words a day earns my respect, and should have the respect of anyone who writes for a living.

Try it sometime. And get ready for your brain to sweat.

Chris writes every day of the year. In addition he does little things like giving keynote speeches all over the world, although there are services like All Speeches that is useful in these cases, he also help clients, run his blog, have a life and more.

He IS a machine!

What separates Chris from other writers is not sheer volume. It’s the quality of the content that creates the magic.

And magic it is.

Few understand the importance of digital channels, and how to build them, more than Chris.

Take a look at Chris’s site here. I know you will like what you see.

Blog 4 – John Chow

As the saying goes, and now for something completely different.

Some might be surprised to discover that I like John’s blog and business. But I do, and for one great reason … John knows how to make money blogging.

But more than just making money (which is fun) John’s site helps those who visit with reviews, insights, and courses that deliver the goods.

No two sites could be more different than Seth Godin’s and John Chow’s.

When Seth is big picture John is in the trenches. If they ever met I doubt they would agree on much.

If you want to know how to sell on Clickbank then John is your guy.

If you want to know how to attract an audience who will reward you with their loyalty then Seth is your guy.

So I say viva la difference!

Visit John’s blog here.


There you have it – four blogs I read on a very regular basis. I read them. I learn from them. And now I recommend them to you.

I hope you find them as helpful as I have.

What are your favorite blogs? Please leave a comment below and share the blogs and resources that help you.


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