MOVED – One Good Idea Can Change Everything!


Have you ever felt like you just cannot find that one thing that will help you achieve your goals?

Felt like everything you have tried should have worked but, for some reason, it didn’t workfor you?

I know exactly how that feels and it is, candidly, miserable.

When a person feels like they have “missed it” they remain in a constant state of confusion.

  • Every selling email you receive creates the feeling that this might be the thing you have been missing.
  • Every ad you see makes you feel that if you don’t buy what they are offering you will miss out and never make it online.
  • Every sales letter or selling video you see on websites becomes a possible lifeboat – the one thing that might be your last chance to make it online and enjoy the lifestyle everyone seems to enjoy… except you.

There is a name for this condition.


Those feelings that you have “missed it” or that the next thing you buy will do the trick are what drive people to buy things they don’t need or can’t use, hoping against hope that this time the “system” will work and they will be set free.

If you feel that way today I want you to know there is good news. Very good news indeed!

  • I am here to tell you that you have not “missed it”.
  • Your chance at succeeding online has not passed you by.
  • You still have time!


The sure cure for information overload is to break the cycle of confusion and learn to focus on one thing at a time.

Success comes most often when we commit, really commit, to one thing and give it our all.

In the face of such commitment, three things happen …

  1. Barriers are broken.
  2. Walls of confusion come tumbling down.
  3. Real progress begins to be made.

So how can you clear up the confusion and find the focus that will help you succeed beginning today?

There are two steps you must take to clear up the confusion and begin getting real traction.


It’s just that simple. And it really works.

Thomas Edison had an idea about a way to bring light into peoples’ home and offices. Edison was willing to try and fail 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb.

We too must be willing to fail until we succeed.

Edison could have quit but he didn’t. He could have moved on to the next invention. After all, he had tens of thousands of ideas in his life.

The man had one of the most inventive minds ever. His notebooks (well worth reading) reveal an incredibly active mind.

There must have been other ideas he wanted to try. Just imagine how distracted he could have been!

But he stuck with the one thing – his one good idea!

He could easily have reasoned that the world could live without the light bulb, but he didn’t.

Almost certainly his friends and family questioned his sanity and did not understand his one good idea.

And we are all better off for his determination.

You might say “but that’s Edison! He’s a giant in history. I’m no Edison!”

True. But what about some names you might know who have achieved amazing things due to their determination and the power of the Internet? Recognize any of these names?

  • Ryan Deiss
  • Russell Brunson
  • Frank Kern
  • Grant Cardone
  • Jeff Walker

None of these people started with big budgets or big staffs. None of them are making a living doing what they learned in college.

All of them are successful today because of their determination and the incredible power of the Internet to reach people and to automate routine tasks.

There are countless examples of people starting with an idea, believing in that idea and then taking the action needed to make that dream come true.

And now it’s your turn.

There is no doubt … the starting point of our success is ideas.


So the first key is to have an idea, AN AREA OF FOCUS.

  • An idea of what you want to accomplish.
  • An idea of what life would look like if you accomplished this idea.

Some call these ideas goals or dreams or visions. No matter what you call it, your one good idea should inspire you.

It should provide the energy you need every day to learn what you need to learn and work as hard as you need to work to not only survive but to thrive!

Here are a few examples to jumpstart your thinking …

  • Your idea, or goal, might be to master the art of email marketing. Great idea! Now let’s take action to make that happen.
  • Your idea might be to become a top performing affiliate marketer. Great idea! Now it’s time to learn the skills necessary to get the job done.
  • Your idea might be to make a living working at home by providing services others need. Great idea! There is a huge market for these services. Now let’s find your customers!

There are many ideas of course, and the above examples are only a few of the many ways people can create their own success online.

The beautiful thing about having ONE great idea is the clarity it brings.

  • Once you know what you want you will no longer be tempted by what “might” work.
  • You will be too busy learning and honing the skills needed to be the best in YOUR chosen field.
  • It will be all too easy to say “no thank you” to the products and promotions that distracted you and made you second guess your choices.


Here’s my surefire method for coming up with what to do next. I’ve used this with countless clients and they love the simplicity it brings to their lives.

  1. Make a list of your three best ideas – list your best idea first.
  2. Draw a line through the bottom two.
  3. Do the first one with all your heart.
  4. Put the list in a drawer. Once you have accomplished your first idea make a new list!

Some people tell me this idea sounds silly to them. “It can’t be that easy!” they say. And yet it is.

The reason it is that easy is because you already know what you want to do. But you have been hypnotized by too much advertising.

Now it’s time to break that spell and have you decide what you really want!

To help clarify my thinking, I always ask myself this question.

“If there were one idea I could pass on to my daughters, what would it be?”

Once I answer that one, I go out and do it.

For me, the one good idea is to serve my customers to my highest ability. It’s my goal to offer guidance to my members.

If you are a customer, you know that we deliver massive value. That is serving members in my book.

If you aren’t a customer, consider becoming one. I want to help you succeed, following your passion and achieving your goals.

In fact, I’ll even show you the perfect starting point!


In the many years I’ve been online I have personally experienced a range of economic levels.

  • I’ve had $17 to my name, with a stay at home wife and two school age daughters.
  • And I’ve won affiliate contests where the prizes alone (not to mention the commissions) were most of a year’s income.

Since I’m not speaking with you personally, and can’t know your current level, I’ve listed ideas to help for each stage of success.

I hope they help you.


It is hard to succeed online with no money. No doubt about it.

It can be done but it takes work, focus, and perseverance. So how can you begin to succeed online if you have no money to spend?

If you have no money but can spend time the best places to start are with content marketing and social media.

Start making connections with others who might become your customers in the near future or might share ideas with you now about how they are progressing in their journey toward success.

Listen to social networking conversations and discover what people need.

And, by all means, ASK people what they need so you can offer it to them as an affiliate.

You would be surprised how many people make their first affiliate sale by asking the people they already know what they need and then offering them a product that satisfies that need.

Everybody wins!

Here are more ideas.

  1. Introduce the people in your address book to your favorite product.
  2. Ask the people in your address book what they need and can’t find.
  3. Start a blog about a topic you know well and build a list of subscribers.
  4. Write an ezine article. Offer it to ezine publishers and post it on blogs.
  5. Visit Facebook Groups about your newly chosen business and learn from others who are on the same path you have chosen.

What if you can’t write or don’t want to write?

Team up with a writer and split the profits. They do the writing, you distribute the article and you both share profits.


If you have some money to work with the best thing you can do is leave the free methods behind and start learning about the world of paid advertising.

Pay per click (using Google, LinkedIn, Facebook) and ezine advertising are going to be your friends here.

If you have some money (and by some money I mean about $300) then you are in a position to see fast results. You can expect to spend part of your budget and get clicks to any site you want to promote quickly.

  1. Do some pay per click advertising.
  2. Buy low-cost ezine ads. Start with text or banner ads, not solos.
  3. Start promoting a product that compliments your own products.
  4. Boost one of your Facebook posts to reach a larger audience.


If you are among the few who don’t need to make sales right now count yourself blessed. You have the luxury of time.

You can make a plan and see it through, knowing you will reap even greater rewards for your patience and thoroughness.

Here are a few ideas that might help you.

  1. Create the product you needed but could not find when starting out. Think about how you got to where you are, write up a book about how you did it, and give it away.
  2. Go viral – hire a writer to write a product you can give away.
  3. Sell resale rights – have a product created and sell resale rights for 10 to 50 times more than the product would sell for alone. Provide buyers with the website, the product and everything they need to get started.
  4. Create a software product. There is no doubt about it, software sells. Hire a programmer to create a PHP script or WordPress plugin that solves a problem you have or that you learned about in your social listening.

No matter where you are today, if you take action on the best idea you have now, your situation at this time next month will be different. It will be better.

You will begin to make real progress and no longer suffer from information overload. You will have focus and begin looking forward to every day as a new opportunity to move forward with your idea!

And feeling that way is a beautiful thing indeed!

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