MOVED – Passion, Planning and Action … A Triple Threat


When we dream, we dream big.

We leave our goal setting sessions believing that we can do anything.

We are ready to soar to new and greater heights. We are pumped!!

When we plan our daily tasks, however, we often plan without connecting to the passion we feel when we set goals and make big plans.

The books we read and seminars we attend often suggest to us that we can reach our goals by simply breaking tasks into “bite size” pieces.

While this may be a workable approach, what about the passion we felt when we were creating those goals?

What of the burning desire we had during the goal setting itself? Or the passion that drives us to get up early, work incredibly hard, and do all we can to succeed?

That passion is the fuel that keeps our fires burning. And it’s vital to tap into that passion every day, not just during goal setting sessions or at seminars.

If procrastination is indeed the enemy (and it is) then passion is the antidote. 

Use these three simple truths to chase procrastination from your days and reconnect with the passion within.

Passion is the key to success for most people

Important question: What are you truly passionate about?

Please realize that there are no wrong answers here. There is no “should”, no expectations from others. Just you and yourself in an honest and open moment.

I’ll ask again — what are you truly passionate about?

Next, examine yourself to see if you have in fact connected with YOUR passion.

  • Not your parent’s passion
  • Not your teacher’s passion
  • Not your husband (or wife’s) passion
  • Not your boss’s passion

YOUR passion …

The reason we so often hear “Do what you love and the money will come” is because it’s true.

We need passion, for without passion we won’t be motivated to …

Plan passionately

The flawless performances in life are the ones practiced so often that failure is unlikely.

Take a tip from NASA. They prepare for months for a shuttle flightof a few days.

Top athletes will practice their sport in their mind a thousand times for every time they step on the field.

They see the opponent. They hear the crowd. They feel their success, be that a free throw shot or a 20 foot birdie or running in record time.

This mental imaging allows them to tap into their passion.

We would we well advised to do the same.

As you plan, see each task for what it really is; an important next step to capture your dream. When you view tasks in this light, you will plan with passion and create a sense of excitement that energizes your days.

Decades ago I learned to love hearing “no” as an outside salesman. Why did I love to hear “no”? Because every no led me ever closer to a yes. My fellow salesmen thought I was crazy, until I became the top salesman in the company.

Suddenly they wanted to know more. 🙂

The next step? Once you have a good plan …

Take Action

Only you can be the engine that drives YOUR idea.

Once you identify your passion, use the missionary zeal that you feel to communicate to others how your product or idea will make their lives better.

Share your passion with others in the words you say, the materials you produce and the way you conduct your business.

Let your website, your blog, your ads, your articles and more share your vision with the world. Let them be saturated with your passion.

Let people SEE your passion and your enthusiasm will become contagious.

This is, in no small part, the secret to successful selling.

Sometimes inspiration only lasts a moment.

The actual doing of these inspired ideas may last a lifetime. When inspiration visits you, start immediately to get your inspiration down on paper.

Whether through a notebook, your laptop or recording your voice, seize the moment to capture those inspired ideas.

Write down every thought you have and use those notes to rekindle your passion if it fades.

Then, make a plan, seeing each task as a critical step on your path to success.

Once you do this, nothing can hold you down.

Mary Kay Ash (founder of Mary Kay) said this …

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, you can achieve.”

The question now is this — How far will your mind let you go?

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