MOVED – Pray For Victims Of Hurricane Harvey


UPDATE: As we continue in prayer for the victims of Harvey, as they mourn and rebuild their lives, we pray too for those caught up in Irma.

We are grateful that the storm did not do as much damage as predicted but still know many of you are hurting.

Our thoughts and prayer are with you as well.

Charlie here with a personal request. 

?As you may know, we live about 70 miles northwest of Houston.

We are safe, dry, and grateful.

What you might not know is that we lived in Houston for over 25 years and have many friends, and family there.

Plus … we are from Louisiana!

So, Harvey is not our friend.

This is just a simple prayer request for those who are affected by Harvey.

If you don’t pray, please hold a good thought for those who are losing their material possessions and are in danger of injury or death.

This is a very serious storm and the worst may not be over as I write this.

If you desire to contribute funds, we know and trust these organizations personally.

Franklin Graham – Samaritan’s Purse

Joyce Meyer – Hand of Hope

While we know these organizations will use your donations well, there are certain things they can’t do.

Efforts like giving blood are best handled by the Red Cross.

While Harvey is impacting our family, it occurs to me that every day, in many parts of the world, good people are being impacted by all sorts of tragedy.

So let’s all resolve today to use this tragedy as a reminder to love, forgive, pray, hold good thoughts, and recommit ourselves to getting along with our fellow humans.

There is SO much more than bind us together than can ever pull us apart.

Stay safe and be well.

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