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Too many people today are disappointed with their online experience. See if any of this sounds familiar.

Some thought they would make money quickly (48 hours or less!) but instead ended up spending much more than they planned.

Others thought they would have a “platform to the world” – that they could push a button and reach vast audiences of hungry buyers. But no one is visiting their site.

Still others thought they could take $100 and “invest” it in a “proven” online ad and then make even more by “rolling over” the profits from the sales created by the first ad.

These, and more are stories I hear every single day.

And each of these well-meaning people needs the same thing. This is what I tell them, even if it is not what they want to hear.

They need to realize it is time for Plan B.

If you feel like you need another solution than the one you are trying, you are NOT alone!

The chances are you know all about Plan B. You, like all of us, have made plans and seen them not work out.

Rather than quit, you adjust. You zig or zag or rethink. You create and put into practice your own Plan B.

Today I would like to propose a new meaning for the “B” in Plan B.

I believe that the “B” in Plan B can stand for BETTER!

Here is why I believe that.

I believe the “B” in Plan B can stand for BETTER because your second try at almost anything will be better than the first.,

Zig Ziglar famously said, “Failure is an event, not a person”.

And yet we put our failures on as if they were a set of clothes. We identify more easily with our failures than our successes.

There are many reasons for this. The devil is one. Our upbringing (don’t brag Johnny, nobody likes a bragger) is another.

No matter the reason, we must learn to see ourselves as we really are.

And we must see our failures as what they are. An attempt to succeed that did not work as well as we had hoped.

Sometimes we go on bad information – the hype of the get-rich-quick crowd has done FAR more harm than good.

Sometimes we ignore that still small voice and push on anyway.

Sometimes we don’t really believe a thing will work but are desperate to take some action. Not really knowing what to do, and not willing to learn what we need to know, we press on.

After over 30 years of being self-employed (and having failed at many things) here is what I know …

There are no overnight successes.

There are just people who APPEAR suddenly and seem to be overnight successes.

If you dig a little deeper into those who truly succeed you will find years of work, learning, struggle and effort behind them.

Oprah if famous for her success and for being worth an estimated 3 billion dollars. Yes, billion with a B.

But did you know the first 15 years of her life were a living hell? It’s true. And MANY would have been defined for the rest of their lives by what she endured. But she made a Plan B. And it worked.

Zig Ziglar was famous as the “world’s motivator”. But did you know he was raised in the heart of the Depression and that his father died when he was five years old? Add to that the fact that he was one of 12 kids and you can see that times were indeed tough.

But Zig was tougher … and SO ARE YOU!

Let’s talk about how to create your Plan B.

What follows assumes that you want to make money online. Whether that is to earn extra income, replace a lost job, create a legacy for your kids or just get stinkin’ rich that’s up to you.

By the way, none of my rich friends actually stink. 🙂

First, you have to get past the disappointment.

If you bought a product that disappointed you or believed a lie on some sales letter, let it go and move on. Dwelling on disappointment can only keep us trapped in the past.

Second, create your Plan B on a piece of paper.

Old school I know but physically writing connects your soul, body and spirit in a way nothing else can. If you really prefer the computer that’s cool too, there are stores where you can find everything you need for your computer, even options online with the best available IT equipment for all your needs.

But paper will do your heart good and is easy to review.

Third, follow these guidelines for creating your Plan B.

Notice I said “guidelines”. There are no formulas or blueprints that work for everyone. You will need to find YOUR way.

But there are principles that are universal. Here are mine for creating a real online business. Not making a few bucks but working hard and building a durable business that sustains you.

NOTE: There are many tasks that need to be done in any online business. I am not talking about a to-do list here but rather concrete steps you can take to make a solid plan of action.

Step 1 – Choose a niche or write down your passion.

There is almost no topic you can think of that can not be turned into money online. Someone somewhere is searching for help with almost every problem you can imagine, and almost all of them will BUY a solution if you have one.

Step 2 – Make a commitment to your own success.

Most of us will work at home on our online businesses. This can be a trap if we are not careful. That is why I coach clients to set a work schedule for their home business just like they do (or would) for their office job.

Boundaries are incredibly important. And work WILL expand to fit the time available if you let it. Take if from a recovering 75 hour per week worker.

Step 3 – Choose a sustainable business model.

There are many sustainable business models online. Affiliate marketing is one that always springs to mind when I speak with clients.

Other sustainable business models include:

  • Publishing books on Kindle.
  • Publishing a paid newsletter.
  • Creating a blog that shares free information.
  • Doing joint ventures with big list owners.
  • Providing specialized services to business owners.
  • Buying ads for others who don’t know how.
  • Creating information products.
  • Reworking and selling PLR products.
  • Being an online coach or mentor.

There are many ways to succeed online.

And one of the keys to any of those ways is making a commitment, learning what you need to know and gaining expertise by taking action on what you learn. It takes time to learn and grow.

Some tell me they don’t have the time. I get the feeling but facts are facts. There are no “instant experts” no matter what they say to try and sell their products.

The fact is this – time will pass either way. So why not actually INVEST that time (rather than spend it) in something that will succeed? One of the example is the Penny Stocks, it will work if you have the knowledge needed.

Step 4 – Make A Consistent Effort.

Did you know that many, if not most, people trying to make money online are trying TOO hard? It’s true – they try this and that and the other thing and never give it time to work.

It may sound old-fashioned but it’s true – success takes time.

But it does NOT take as long as it used to take!

The Internet is a beautiful medium that DOES allows us to publish with the press of a button.

There ARE large audiences of ready buyers that can be reached.

And you can go from a place of making no money online to doing very well in a very short period of time. Especially when compared with succeeding offline.

But none of this will happen without a plan of action.

Without dedication to that plan. Without the ability to avoid distractions by being SO committed to your plan that you can’t be distracted by the “shiny objects” hitting your email inbox every 5 minutes.

If you will follow the 4 steps above, I truly believe you will find a path that is right for YOU. One you can believe in. One you will be excited to pursue. One that makes sense to you and that works.

And when you find that, you will have found a very beautiful thing indeed!

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