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“How is it going with your affiliate marketing?”

It was a simple question with a complicated answer. 

“NOT well at all. I don’t think affiliate marketing is for me. In fact, I’m not sure doing business online really works for anyone!”

Now the anger was coming out. 

And I get it.

  • He bought the courses.
  • He followed the advice.
  • He spent his money.
  • He worked hard.

Problem was, what he was advised to do is to join “as many affiliate programs as you can” and then begin “putting links on every free site possible.”

So he did that. 

And it failed miserably. 

Why do I tell you this sad story? Because, for far too many, it is their story too.

If you are one of them, if you have struggled to make good money with affiliate marketing, today’s video is for you.

For today I reveal one simple but powerful change you can make to your process that really can turn things around.

Be sure to let me know what you think once you’ve seen the video.


P.S. If you want a copy of the funnel in the video for free, click this link now.

Prefer to read? Here is the enhanced transcript for your convenience.

I want to talk to you today about affiliate marketing.

I want to share something with you very important and something that absolutely works, and you may be overlooking it now.

I want to get real with you about affiliate marketing.

You know most affiliates are just not making any real money.

Maybe they make a hundred dollars here, a hundred dollars there, but if affiliate marketing is so great, then why do people struggle with it? Well, one big reason is that they’re sending cold traffic to a sales page, and they ask for the sale without any sort of relationship.

It’s kind of like meeting a pretty girl at Starbucks and asking her to marry you on the spot.

Not going to happen, and if she says yes, you better run. 🙂 Some affiliates try to solve this problem by creating a squeeze page, and that’s good, it’s absolutely good, and sending the traffic to the squeeze page.

At least they’re building their list.

That’s better than just promoting a link that just goes directly to a sales letter, but there is a better way, a much, much better way.

It’s called a bridge page, and it is the missing link in affiliate marketing.

A bridge page is a page people see after they opt in and before they see the sales letter for the affiliate offer.

You’ve got a squeeze page, and you’ve got a bridge page.

That’s the missing link.

Then you’ve got the offer.

This is really going to add a lot of power to your affiliate marketing.

Pay close, close attention. I have a bridge page funnel to show you.

Let’s take a look at that right now. 

I had to take a minute there to get to the squeeze page.

I built this using ClickFunnels.

You could see that down here, one of my very favorite tools, and this is a very simple squeeze page that’s promoting a product called Affilorama. 

If you don’t know Affilorama, you should because it’s a very good product. It’s a ClickBank product owned by a guy named Mark Ling.

They’ve been around for a long time, provide a tremendous amount of value, and it’s a good product to promote. I want to be clear that this concept of a bridge page, it’s going to work on anything you want to promote.

Doesn’t matter if you’re promoting Affilorama or if you’re promoting the Directory of Ezines or if you’re promoting anything else, it’s going to work for you in affiliate marketing because what it does is it warms up the person with content before they see the sales letter, but here’s the good news, you don’t have to create the content.

I’m going to show you exactly how that works in just a second. As a matter of fact, I’ve got a report that you can download under this video that shows you exactly step by step what to do.

It’s my own checklist for doing this.

Feel free to download that.

You can have it for free.

You don’t have to opt in anything or anything like that.Here’s the squeeze page that I created today.

All of this took me about 30 minutes using ClickFunnels.

Here’s what I’ve got.

  • I’ve got my logo at the top.
  • I got a pretty good headline, How to Find Unlimited Free Content for Your Facebook Pages.

Most people, when they want to do business on Facebook or want to promote on Facebook, they say, “I just don’t know what to talk about. I have no idea what to talk about.”

Unlimited free content for your Facebook pages is good because it means more engagement.

That means more clicks and more sales, and I make that point in my sub headline. “More content = more clicks and sales.

Discover how to do it completely free.”

 You see this is a very simply squeeze page. 

They really can do only one of two things: They can leave, or they can opt in.Then I’ve got this nice image over here.

The image is important. You’ll see that in the report.

The image is just a generic image. It talks about increasing sales, so that harmonizes with my idea. Now, down here, you’ll see my ClickFunnels badge because I want you to buy ClickFunnels from me, but if I was using this in the wild, in other words, if I was promoting this using paid advertising or things like that, I would not include my ClickFunnels badge because what I want them to do is I want them to opt in. All right, we’re going to click the big old green button, “Mash that thing down,” as Jim Edward says, and see what we get.

Now we have a two-step opt-in.

We’ve got a little pop-up window that says, “Almost there. Just enter your email address for instant access.”

I’ll do that, and I’m going to say, “Yes, let’s go.”

Now, at this point in the squeeze page, most affiliate marketers are going to send this person over to the sales letter.

Watch this, though. You’re going to click it. Here we go. Yup.

There is our bridge page. Now, our bridge page is a page that contains content that nurtures the person who’s come to your site.

It gives them value in advance, and it nurtures them with good, high quality content that you don’t have to create, and I’ll show you how that works in just a second, and then you can send them on to the sales letter. Now, what happens if they don’t go to the sales letter?

That’s the first question I usually get.

No sweat. They’re on your mailing list, so no problem at all.

You just follow up with them by email.

They’re on your list.

That’s the first best thing you wanted.

Now you can send them follow-up emails.

I use one follow-up email with this type of bridge page, and I’m giving you a copy of it in the free report. Let’s look at this page. It’s got a logo up here, as did the last one, but here, I’ve also got my menu because no matter what they click on this page, I’m going to win.

Here, I’ve got “Attention: For those who are serious about succeeding with affiliate marketing.”

Here’s something ClickFunnels does that I really like.

This little blue bar, it’s going to chase us down the screen.

That’s very good when you use it strategically. “This free video reveals the method.”

I mean, how much high-level copywriting is that? That was like two seconds.

Now, here’s the sweet spot of doing a bridge page.

This is a YouTube video provided by Affilorama for their affiliates.

As you’ll see in the report, what I suggest is promoting affiliate programs when they’re providing you with these types of tools, but if they’re not, you can easily find a video on YouTube or Vimeo, you can easily find a PLR product that you can use, or you can even use one of your own blog posts.

The whole point of this process is to be able to create something quickly, get it out there, get it working for you without you having to create a lot of content.I’m going to play one moment of this video. We’ll listen to it together.

Hi, I’m Gina from Affilorama, and today, I’m going to be showing you a really quick and easy way to …

Now, see, I’m letting them say Affilorama because I’m open about the fact that I’m promoting Affilorama.

This video helps me because it’s content that’s already created. Now, I’m going to go to the second half of the page.

The first half of the page is content. You’ll see I have the page broken in half in the report. Second half of the page is all about the click.

Notice how this is chasing me down the page?

This is all about the click.

You always want to have a button for them to click and go to the sales letter directly under the video.

Very, very important because a lot of people are going to see in this on mobile.

They don’t have a lot of scrolling space, and they’re in a hurry, so you want a big old call-to-action button right under the video. Then I’ve got a little bit of selling text, “Join my team, learn to master affiliate marketing while you earn commissions.”

Very important. People want to learn, but they want to earn as they learn.

Then you’ve got a couple of bullet points here with some little graphics.

Easy to do in Clickfunnels, not necessary to do on this page, but helpful.

Then here’s a “Click Here to Learn More.”Now, I’m going to click this so you’ll see what happens next.

If somebody comes through this page, they like the video, they like the soft-selling approach, “Hey, this person’s giving me content before they ask me to do anything,” boom, they click here, and there’s Affilorama. Now, I checked, and I went all the way to the order form with Affilorama, and I was credited with the sale.

I didn’t go through with the sale, but my ID was at the bottom of the ClickBank page. Now, I’m bringing you back to this page to say this: Everywhere that this page can be clicked, except for your logo and your menu if you put it there, you want your affiliate link for the product you’re promoting.

In my case, it’s Affilorama.

Might be something else for you.

That means this button, my Affilorama link. That means this button, my Affilorama link.

If I had any other clickable stuff on this page, I’d want it to be my Affilorama link. Again, down here, you can see my ClickFunnels badge because I love ClickFunnels, and I don’t promote it aggressively, but I’m telling you, it’s great.

If you don’t have it, and you get it, I’ll give you this funnel for free.

If you want it, you can go use that badge.

If I was promoting this out in the wild using cold traffic, using paid advertising, I wouldn’t have that badge there because this is not about promoting ClickFunnels. It’s about promoting Affilorama.That’s the concept in a nutshell.

This is the missing link in affiliate marketing.

This really is. It’s the missing link in affiliate marketing.

People put up a squeeze page, and then they send people from that squeeze page over to the offer, and then they don’t make more sales, and they wonder why.

The reason why is, number one, they don’t have a really great follow-up system.

That’s a whole different video, and I have one about that. Number two, they’re not using a bridge page.

When you give, you will receive. I mean, this is just reciprocity in action.

What you’re doing here is they might be expecting, bracing for impact for a sales letter.

They don’t get it.

What they get is a really great video or an article or something like that. Now, in the report that I’ve written, let me see if I can show you that. Oh, there we go. This is a copy of the report that I’ve written.

You can download that for free. Right underneath this video, there’s a link to get it.

I’ve got a little introductory text here. You know me, can’t shut me up, so it’s not too long.

Then if you want the funnel for free, you can have it there, but here’s my checklist, and this is what I really, really like.

You just choose the product you want to promote, check the box. If you don’t know what product you want to promote, get a hold of me, and I’ll give you a copy of this report.

Find the content for your bridge page.

Here’s some suggestions.

  • Yup. Got that.
  • Click the box.
  • Create your squeeze page. Here’s a sample of mine. 

Let’s talk about what’s supposed to be on a squeeze page. I won’t go on and on because you get the gist of it, but I really want you to consider using this bridge page for your affiliate marketing.

It’s super easy to do.

If you’re using Thrive, if you’re using, whatever page-builder you use, it’s really easy, but it’s super easy in ClickFunnels because it’s multiple pages. That is the way that it works, and it works wonderfully well.

I’m going to close it down now and say thank you for being here.

Here’s what it comes down to just to reiterate one last time.

Don’t send cold traffic to a sales letter, it doesn’t work, whether you’re an affiliate marketer or you’re the greatest marketer in the world.

Look at what the greatest marketers in the world do. Look at what Russell Brunson or Ryan Deiss or Michael Hyatt does.

They send people to a squeeze page, and then they nurture them with content, and then they make the offer, so not every single time, but when you’re an affiliate marketer, this is very, very important.

Cold traffic needs to be warmed up.

You gotta get to know them a little bit. Best way to do that is with content.

Best way to do that is with somebody else’s content that causes you to make sales.

Don’t send cold traffic to a sales letter.

If you send them to a squeeze page, put a bridge page behind your squeeze page, and then let them go to the sales letter, and always, always follow up with email.

That’s the foundation. Email marketing is the most powerful form of marketing in the world. All right, this is Charlie Page. I hope you find this helpful, and I hope you have a great day.

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