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If you have not already, you will soon be hearing a lot about a “new” opt in method called the two step opt in method.

  • Some marketers are already claiming they are getting “70% opt in rates” using this method.
  • Others are proclaiming the “death of the squeeze page”.
  • Yet another claims that this is the “secret weapon” used by millionaire marketers, the one thing they don’t want to share with us peasants.

All of that is bull, of course, but the two step opt in is powerful and something you need to know about, and possibly consider using in your marketing.

Today I’d like to share what the two step opt in is all about and help you separate the facts from the hype.

What is a two step opt in?

The traditional way of having someone opt in to a list has been to display a form on your site. You can see that on almost all squeeze pages, on many blogs and even in some email messages.

You probably see such a form on the page you are reading right now.

It works well and is very easy for the reader to understand. They opt in and they get something that you are promising them. Simple and effective.

The two step opt in uses a different approach.

With the two step opt in you display a link, or button, for the reader to click and then an opt in form appears for them to fill in.

They still need to put in their email address but they don’t see the form until after they click the button or link.

The logic behind the two step is that the reader is much more likely to fill in the opt in form because they have begun an action (by clicking the link or button) and they want to complete that action.

That makes sense.

Some marketers are using a bit of pop psychology to sell their wares, claiming that humans “have” to complete an action they start in order to feel right about life. More bull in my view.

If that were true no one would abandon a shopping cart yet we know shopping cart abandonment rates are sky high.

Back to the two step opt in.

Five things to know about the two-step opt in.

There are a few things for you to know about the two step opt in process.

  1. The two step opt in process works. My marketing friends who are using it are reporting excellent results.
  2. You will be hearing about this everywhere very soon. Products are going to flood in that offer this feature, and many WordPress themes will incorporate this soon, in my view. NOTE: See the information on Optimize Press below.
  3. Using a two step opt in is not required to succeed online. Squeeze pages are not “dead” and this is just another new tactic that might last, might not. No need to “stop the presses” and change everything.
  4. IMPORTANT: Using a two step opt in process forces you to use a double opt in method in most cases. As of this writing, you are forced to use double opt in with Aweber and Get Response if you use a two step opt in method.
  5. You should consider testing a two step opt in process against what you are using now. I’m testing it and will report back results. Most of my marketing friends are using it with great success.

I want to be clear that the two step opt in process is something worth trying right now.

Just no need to drop everything to make the change.

Three ways to accomplish a two-step opt in.

Do you need to rush out and buy the latest and greatest over-promoted widget that will practically guarantee huge opt in rates and make all your dreams come true?

Not necessarily.

There are three ways to get the job done for most people.

  1. Services like LeadPages have been offering this for some time. This is how some top marketers, like Frank Kern and Jeff Walker have been testing the process.
  2. Optimize Press (the them I use on all my sites) has this built it to their programming. If you use Optimize Press you don’t need to buy anything to use a two step opt in process.
  3. There will be plug ins galore that do this. There are some on the market now, and they look good. I am testing a few now for my Common Sense Blog Blueprint members.

Is a two step opt in process right for you?

I believe it is worth testing, and encourage you to do that.

If you have an opt in process in place now, on your blog or a squeeze page, make the change and see how it goes.

No matter how you go about it, the two step opt in process is worth a try. I hope this information helps you make sense of the two step opt in process and helps you build your list faster and more profitably than ever.

Because having a profitable list is a beautiful thing indeed!

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