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When it comes to selling things online, whether that is a product that pays you a profit, or an idea you want to spread, nothing is more powerful than having a list of your own.

But many today feel they can’t build their list, or don’t know why they would want to do that.

So today I’d like to share six reasons to build your list and then will be happy to answer questions in the comments if you like.

Six Reasons To Build Your List

So why would you want a list anyway? Here are six reasons to build your list starting today.

1 – To help more people

Zig Ziglar said it so well many years ago …

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

When it comes to selling things to end users (consumers) serving others is what business is all about.

So how to do you that? Here are a few ways …

  • Providing useful information
  • Answering their questions
  • Providing reviews
  • Entertaining them
  • Helping them save time
  • Helping them save money
  • Helping them make money

These are but a few ways we can serve.

So where does the list come into play?


Because – and this is vital– the people who are your list chose to join your list.

They self-selected. They raised their hand. They asked for help.

So reason #1 is to help more people. And the very best way to do that is by building your list starting today.

2 – To sell more products

There is nothing wrong with selling products online. Some people feel a little guilty about wanting to make money online.

But there is no guilt in making money if you are making it honestly and providing a true value.

Selling products, your own product or other people’s products, is how most of us make money online.

But there is more to selling than telling.

This is why you simply must have a list of your own. With a list of your own you can take your time and share many reasons why product X might help your readers.

Those who need product X take action. Those who don’t, don’t take action.

No harm done.

Now let’s compare that to a paid ad and see how different it is.

3 – To never buy advertising again

It’s true. Once your list reaches a certain size (for me that size was about 10,000 people) you can make a full time living serving them.

  • Helping them.
  • Communicating with them.
  • Learning what they need.
  • Helping them grow.

Now think about the incredible pressure of a paid ad.

You save your money and run an ad. You need sales to happen in order to pay you back for that ad.

If sales don’t happen, you are stuck. You are out your hard earned money.

There is no second chance.

What about the same situation with your own list?

What if you run an ad to your list and they don’t buy?

Painful, but not fatal.

Why? Because you can run another ad in a week, or a few days, after you have added even more value by sharing helpful content.

Or, and this is powerful, you can ask them why they did not buy!

Try doing that with a paid ad.

You might be thinking “Hey Charlie, you own the Directory of Ezines and are saying paid ads are a bad idea?”

I’m not saying that at all. I love paid ads!

But I believe this … [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]**the best use of paid advertising is to build your list**[/social_quote]

Want to never again need to buy paid advertising? Build your list starting today.

4 – To grow your influence

Take a moment and think of the top leaders in your industry.

Do they have a mailing list? You bet they do!

If you want to extend your reach, build your list. If you want to gain credibility, build your list.

5 – To participate in joint ventures

Many people dream of the day when they can participate in a profitable joint venture.

What could be better. Mr. or Mrs. Guru sends a message to their big ol’ mailing list and the sales come a tumbling in.

What is better is this – when you have a list of your own the big boys and girls will want to do joint ventures with you!

That’s right, they will come to you and ask you to mail for them.

I know that might sound like fantasy to some reading this right now. Believe me it’s not.

It happened for me, and I started with nothing online. It has happened for many of my members, and it can happen for you too.

If you want to do joint ventures the highly profitable way, build your list.

6 – To sell ad space to others

Imagine having a list that responds well and being able to sell ad space to other people for a profit!

It’s not a dream. It is a very real and attainable goal.

The keys are simple.

  1. Have a list.
  2. Develop relationship with list members by providing value.
  3. Be very particular about what offers you choose to accept.

There is an unfortunate trend today to buy “guaranteed click” traffic from sketchy sources, build a list and start selling “solo ads”.

This is not what I’m talking about.

I am talking about building a list, developing relationship by delivering value, and then offering products based on them meeting your criteria.

If you follow the same guidelines when choosing to whom you will sell advertising you will do well.

I am 100% convinced that having a list of your own is something everyone can do and something everyone should do.

I know because having my own list set me free.

It literally changed my life, and I don’t use those words lightly.

You can build your own list starting today. The steps are simplicity itself, and the rewards are more than you can imagine.

We all start somewhere. Start where you are today and begin building your list and delivering value to the people you join.

Do that every week and soon you will have a powerful list of your own. One that helps you make new friends, helps you get the word out, and helps you earn a steady income.

And those are beautiful things indeed!

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