MOVED – Six Ways To Profit From Resale Rights Packages


Can YOU make real money with resale rights products?

It’s an important question, especially if you want to make money online and have lots of free time too. 

And especially if you are interested in many topics and so might want to work in many niches. 

The fact is, selling these products to others is highly profitableonce you learn the formula.

I know because I’ve transformed a mere $3000 worth of these products into over $200,000 in revenue!

If you’d like to know it’s done, click here to learn more.

But there is much more you can do with resale rights products that just sell them.

In fact, I’ve identified over 25 ways to profit from resale rights products that do not involve selling!

For many people “resale rights” products are a mystery. I get it because I was confused by them too in the beginning of my online journey.

It sounds good. Almost too good. 

  • Someone else does all the hard work of creating a product. 
  • We pay a small fee compared to the cost of creating a product.
  • We get the right to sell the product or give it away forever.

As good as it sounds, we have questions. Logical, common sense questions that need answers. 

  • Are these products any good?
  • Will people really buy them from me?
  • How … and I mean EXACTLY how do I use them?
  • Are there high-quality resale rights products in my niche?
  • How can I find these products?
  • How can I evaluate them without buying them?
  • And the big kahuna … will this work for me?

I’ve answered all these questions, and more, in this Group Coaching.

Today on the blog I’d like to share six ways to profit from resale rights packages.

NOTE: Many of you who are reading this have already downloaded resale rights products but not turned them into profits.

If that describes you, the good news is that you might already have PART of what you need to start making money with resale rights products.

You have the inventory … now let’s turn it into profit for you.

And it’s not just by selling the package to someone else!

These techniques will work for you whether you own a website and sell your own products, publish an ezine, or sell as an affiliate.


What you do here is find those products within the resale rights package that compliment your site and offer them as a bonus for ordering your product. 

You stand out from the crowd and will see an increase in sales because targeted bonuses almost always increase sales.

When you use this method, be sure to put a real-world value on the bonuses.

After all, they do have real value and it’s fair to state a conservative real-world value so your visitor knows what they are getting. 

Far too many people miss this step and lose sales as a result.


What you do here is find every eBook, audio, video, or report having to do with a specific TOPIC and then sell the package as a product to people who want to know more about that topic.

Since most resale rights packages are topic-specific this is actually quite easy to do. How do you choose a topic?

My advice is to look for sub-niches underneath the major niches.

The three big niches online are …

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships

Almost all products fall under one of those major categories.

But it is almost impossible to get noticed in a huge niche like “health”, so you look for sub-niches where you can focus in and develop an audience. 

Taking Health as a main niche, some sub-niches would include …

  • Weight loss.
  • Exercise.
  • Vegan cooking.
  • Keto diet.
  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Running.
  • Weight lifting.
  • And many more.

One great way to sell your bundle is to visit forums and Facebook groupsandoffer your free lead magnet.

Almost all good resale rights products include a lead magnet you can add your name to and use as your own.

If you don’t have a product to sell yet this is the fastest and easiest way to create your own product, and is what many of the “how to create a product” courses teach.


People love to be surprised.

What you do here is put a note on your landing page that you are including an “secret bonus” when people buy your product OR buy the product you recommend.

NOTE: One of the secrets of super affiliates is using bonuses and gifts to reward buyers. 

Retailers have done this for years and called it a ‘grab bag’.

Then add one product a week for about eight weeks to your follow up series for clients.

Your clients will love your generosity and you will see your refund rate drop like a rock.

A win-win.


What you do here is simplicity itself. You find a resale rights package that includes a lead magnet you can give away.

If you stick with high-quality PLR packages, these lead magnets are usually very good. 

NOTE: Be sure and personalize the lead magnet before using it. Personalizing it means adding these things before using it.

  1. Your name.
  2. A link to your site.
  3. A special offer with a link to the sales page.

Most high quality resale rights products offer the lead magnet in Word format. What I do is to open that in Google docs, make the changes, and then save it as a PDF.

Google docs is free to use.

What makes a good lead magnet?

While I can’t take a deep dive in this article, here are some popular lead magnet formats. 

  • Short reports.
  • Checklists.
  • Videos.
  • Webinars.
  • Cheatsheets.

For a full discussion of how to do this, click here for my Group Coaching on how to create a lead magnet that converts.

Most smart marketers know that people want a little extra, and here you are giving them that extra while getting what you want.

Click here to learn the process that transformed $3000 into $200,000!


You know that people always want something for free, right?

In fact, almost all successful sales funnels start with a free, or very low cost, offer.

One great way to use that to your advantage is to spice up your page with a free offer and include that in your pay-per-click advertising.

People who view pay-per-click ads often scan those ads looking for freebies and then visit those sites first.

Using products from resale rights packages as giveaways gives YOU the edge when it comes to pay per click.

HOT TIP: Include the fact that you offer a gift in the headline of your pay per click ad. People scan headlines first.


The “advertising on site” model – having a content rich site and making money by displaying ads – is automatic and effective

But it takes lots of content, and that’s where resale rights products come to the rescue!

In most cases you can disassemble these information products and REPURPOSE the content as information for a website. 

So a 10 chapter resale rights report suddenly becomes 10 articles on your blog!

Best of all – you don’t run the risk of your content looking like everyone else’s, which often happens when you use private label articles.

That’s because VERY few people have had this idea, and even fewer have acted on it, and fewer still will choose the exact product you choose to use.

So grab some resale rights books, take them apart and make each chapter of a resale rights book a bridge page in your funnel, or a blog post, and then display context sensitive ads and make some automatic money!

Fast, easy and oh so automated — a true win-win!

There you have it: Six ways to make your investment in resale rights packages pay big returns

Just like finding a $20 bill on the street, dusting off a resale rights package and turning it into pure profits is smart marketing and a great use of your resources.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

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