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Do you find online marketing confusing? I sometimes do, and I market online for a living! There are so many options from which to choose.

One key to success in life, and business, is to keep things simple. The good old KISS principle in action, if you will.

In that light, I’d like to share my ABC marketing method with you.

Rather than a long list of what you might do with your time, this three step system guarantees that you are focusing on what matters most.

“A” stands for Add value

Every time you do a marketing task, ask yourself this – “How will this activity add value to my audience?”

If you consistently add value to the people who read your ads, visit your site and buy what you sell (or recommend) you will create happy customers and a powerful business.

Did you notice I mentioned adding value in your ads?

Some might find that confusing, so let me explain.

In the new economy, content IS marketing.

Sharing actionable, helpful content is the best form of marketing possible in the 21st century.

That means the old approaches are not working as well as they once did. They work, to be sure. But not as well as they did.

Most of today’s new online marketing millionaires are using the same thing you can use … content!

Whether through article publishing, videos, podcasts, books, reports or something completely different, make it your goal to add value with every contact you make with a potential customer.

“B” stands for Build your list

Your list is perhaps your most important online asset.

I know you hear it all the time – the money is in the list. And it is.

Here’s why. When you have a list there are three money-oriented things that change for you.

  1. You can stop paying for advertising by advertising to your list instead.
  2. You can earn substantial money selling ad space if you so choose.
  3. You sell more because readers know, like and trust you. When you add value that is! 🙂

“C” stands for Convert to sales

Ultimately, it’s all about sales. You need to be okay with that.

I know some people want to openly share what they know and don’t want to bother with trying to set up a sales funnel. Others simply don’t want to learn the skills needed to sell online. Some believe it’s just too hard for them to learn.

Think about this …

How much more could you share from your knowledge and research if you made an extra $200,000 in the next year? Or an extra $20,000?

How many more people could you help if making money was no longer an issue?

How much more peace of mind, free time and just plain old fun would you have if you could stop worrying about paying the bills and start thinking about paying it forward?

I’m guessing it’s a lot more.

To do all these things you are going to need to learn to sell online.

Specifically, you will need to know …

  • What to do based on your situation.
  • How to measure results to determine the return on your time invested.
  • How to improve results once things are flowing.

You can learn all these things, and actually master them, if you focus on doing fewer things. And do those fewer things very well.

So, forget multitasking. Forget being a jack of all trades. Forget struggling to learn it all.

Instead, focus on Adding value, Building your list and Converting prospective customers into paying customers.

Focus on the ABCs of online marketing, and watch your Internet business grow beyond your wildest dreams.

It happened for me. It can happen for you too.

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