The Best Blog Post In The Entire World!


As you can guess, I visit a lot of blogs. Hundreds of blogs a week in fact. And I’ve been doing it for years.

So when I say this post is the best I have ever read, you know it had some stiff competition.

Here is what I like about this blog post, followed by a few of more juicy bits that really struck a cord with me.

Why I love this blog post by Neil Patel

I love this post because it is written by a true expert and it contains a realistic action plan anyone can follow.

Candidly, this post alone could be all the framework you need to get things going.

For example, Neil says this …

When you read most blogs on creating an online business and online marketing, the sexy parts involve hundreds of thousands of visitors and profit.

But traffic and profit are the result; your foundation is the cause of those results. Figuring out the important details of your blog isn’t always easy, but without a solid foundation, you can’t build a skyscraper. – via Quick Sprout

Neil gives realistic times to get things accomplished. Instead of the standard “add water and stir” hype coming from Internet marketers, Neil tells it like it is.

Stage 1: Your blog is born

Expected time to complete: Less than two weeks.
– via Quick Sprout

But more than just set up (which is where most people stop) he goes on to define one of the most important steps … finding your first 100 true fans.

Stage 2: Finding your 100 true fans

Expected time to complete: Less than four months.
– via Quick Sprout

I love this because instead of doing the usual 100,000 or 50,000 or even 5000 Neil is being realistic, and accurate. If you can find 100 people who really like your voice and want to hear from you, your career online will be solid.

Here’s the bottom line

Everyone, and I mean everyone, who wants a real online business needs to read this post. And follow Neil as he shows the world exactly how he drove over 800,000,000 (yes, that’s 800 million) visitors to the sites of his consulting clients.

Read it, learn it, do it. And when you succeed with it … share it with others.

Now that is a beautiful way to work indeed!

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