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One of the best things about the Internet is that you can go into business for yourself without the usual hassles of being self-employed.

If you can connect to the Internet you can own your own business in just minutes, by becoming an affiliate for another website.

While affiliate programs are great, the more you know about how to work them smart, the richer you will become.

Affiliate programs offer all of the advantages of being in business for yourself with none of the negatives. After all, the person who runs the affiliate program you join is the one who will have all the headaches.

You, as the affiliate, have:

  • No Inventory
  • No Employees
  • No Credit Card Processing Fees
  • No Time Cards
  • No Customer Service
  • No Hassles From The ‘Boss’  🙂

All you do is promote and cash the checks!

In no other place or time has it been so easy to be self-employed.

You simply find a product that you like and will be happy promoting. You join their affiliate program, send people to their web site (or better yet, your site so you capture the opt-in!) and the product owner does the rest.

But you already know that. You know about being an affiliate. So let’s look at taking the next step … becoming a super affiliate.

What is a super affiliate?

It’s that rare person who has the drive to learn the process of marketing so well that they can literally sell any product or service.

If you become a super affiliate, you will have people knocking on your door to sell their products.

How can you become a super affiliate?

The first step is to understand what super affiliates have in common.

Check yourself against these five attributes of a Super Affiliate, then polish your skills to join their ranks:

1. SUPER AFFILIATES GO FOR QUALITY. The look and feel of their sites says that they are there for the long haul. Their sites are sticky, with compelling content that keeps you reading, and makes sure you are on their list.

2. SUPER AFFILIATES BUILD TRUST AND CREDIBILITY. The content on their site says that they know their business, and not just how to paste some banners onto their page. Their information helps you, it helps you understand what to do next to move forward with your goals.

3. SUPER AFFILIATES TRACK RESULTS AND FOLLOW UP. They make sure to know when and what you bought. They work with the owners of the products they choose to promote to make sure their customers (the customers they create) are well-served and happy. They often include a unique bonus to add value to the products they promote. They send thank you notes and use technology to contact you for follow up sales.

  1. SUPER AFFILIATES CREATE RESIDUAL INCOME. They look for affiliate programs that pay not only once, but again and again. They use a mix of programs to achieve their goals. It’s not unusual for these affiliates to promote low-cost products as well as high end programs.
  2. SUPER AFFILIATES ARE INNOVATIVE. They look for the edge and aren’t afraid to try something new. From autoresponders to personalization, they never stop innovating.

The GOOD NEWS is that YOU can profit from the tricks of the masters.

LEARN more about how the top performers got that way, incorporate the techniques that are right for you and soon you will BE a top performer too.

When you become a super affiliate people will contact you to promote for them. They will seek you out for win-win joint ventures. And they will reward your efforts with high commissions, contest prizes and, often, reciprocal marketing for your own products.

And those are beautiful things indeed!

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