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When it comes to doing business online some people want to make a few extra bucks. Others want to build an empire.

And still others want to make a living without having to do the work of making that living every day. They want to do the work once and then profit from that work many times.

Good news! The Internet can make that third dream come to pass. I know because it happened for me, and for many of my consulting clients and members.

If you want me to teach you how it’s done take a look at this resource.

You really can make a full time living, made up of passive income, without having to work in your business every day, if you play your cards right.

If you have ever wanted a complete selling system but been confused by those complicated sales funnels with 35 moving parts, this post is for you.

To have an online business that makes sales every day, without your ongoing involvement, you need three web pages.

Three pages – that’s all. The three pages are …

  1. Capture page
  2. Authority page
  3. Money page

I call this The C.A.M. System™ And man does it work!

The way it works is this.

Step 1 – You set up an effective lead capture page.

Notice I said it needs to be effective. This will take a bit of work to “fine tune” in the beginning. But you can do it. If anyone can do it, you can do it.

Step 2 – You set up your authority page.

All you need for this is content. You can create that content, curate the content, or hire the content created. It’s up to you.

The content on the page needs to be high value. It needs to help the reader. It needs to be actionable.

But don’t miss this – you do not need to be the expert or create the content on the Authority page. You can let others do that while you make the sales!

Step 3 – You need a sales page.

If you are doing affiliate marketing, the sales page will be provided by the product you are promoting.

If you are promoting your own product, you will need to create a sales page that closes the sale.

Here again, it will take a little time and effort to get this right. But you are going to be working anyway, so why not work on a system that can sustain you every day of the year?

The system in action

When people come to your lead capture page they are offered a free gift (also called a subscriber magnet) that is so compelling they just can’t say no.

They subscribe to your list.

Now they are immediately taken to your high-value content page.

Notice you do not send them directly to the sales page. That is important. Your goal here is to build trust and get them to like you. You like people who help you. They will like you when your content helps them. Simple really.

Your high-value content page teaches them something they can do to make their lives better today. It gives them results but in advance of asking for any money.

This is how trust is built. 

Now your visitor has subscribed and has seen your high-value content page.

At this point, your email marketing system kicks in. In your follow up system, you share the following type of information.

  • Links to more high-value content.
  • Social proof that what you are marketing works.
  • Reasons why they should buy the product you are promoting.
  • Your own experience with the product you are promoting.
  • Recommendations about products that solve a problem.
  • Questions about the challenges they are facing.
  • Polls and surveys about what they need right now.
  • Anything else that will serve them.

Remember, you are not pressing “send” to send these messages. You set them up once and they go to everyone who raises their hand and says “yes” to your lead magnet offer (on your Capture Page).

Automation is doing the work because you set up your system smart and strong and right.

What I’ve shared here is a brief overview of what real marketing online looks like. Because this is a blog post, it’s not possible to fill in every blank.

If you want to know more I will be happy to walk you through it personally. The process is simple and the results are incredible. You can promote any product in any market in under 24 hours using this simple system.

But know this – this is the system that works and it can work in any niche, or as many niches as you want.

Learn it. Practice it. And perfect it. Because when you do, you will know how to create passive income at will in any niche.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

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