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As you may know, I have declared 2012 the “year of giving dangerously”. That’s just my happy way to say that in 2012 I intend to give more than ever before. More articles, more videos, more value to members and subscribers. And now, free Quick Courses to help you with your online marketing.

These Quick Courses will cover what you need to know to get going with a particular topic quickly, and help you take easy actionable steps to actually accomplish your goals.

I will combine these courses with my already popular ASK Charlie function of this blog (it’s where you can ask me any question you like) to create a powerful, personal free way for you to get the information you need.

So you get to learn at your  own pace in the Quick Course and then ask any questions you might have after you complete the course. A win-win. And it’s all free to you.

Will this be as much information as are in my membership sites? Of course not. I can’t afford to give everything away. But there will be plenty of good stuff, and the opportunity to ask questions and leave comments as well.

The results of the recent poll are in! If you voted then please know that your votes determined both the type of information I’m creating for you as well as the order in which I will create it.

You can see the breakdown of the votes above.

So it’s time to get to work and create the first course. In the meantime, you can read some helpful articles about driving traffic (and see some videos too) by clicking the image below, the new logo for my Driving Traffic Quick Course!

Thank you for reading and many thanks to those who took time to vote.

P.S. The other courses will be coming along as well. I will be taking additional polls along the way so if you missed the chance to vote this time be sure to watch for emails about casting your vote for the next free Quick Course.


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