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I have a very important question for you today.

In fact, learning to answer this question correctly can not only help you sell more online but it can help you become A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH in any niche you enter. 

The question comes soon but, for now, take a very close look at these two images. 

Try to determine the differences between them if you can.

Now for the question.

QUESTION 1 – WHY is one of these worth one dollar and the other worth ONE HUNDRED TIMES as much as the other one?

Consider these facts:

  • They are printed on the same paper.
  • They are printed using the same ink.
  • They are printed using the same printing press.
  • They are backed by the same government.
  • They are used by the same people.

So why is one worth 100X the other?

Because of the message printed on the paper.

It’s a simple observation really – but one with incredible power for your online business. 

The question for us now, for all of us, is this …

Is your offer valuable enough?

You see, everything that any of us offers is valuable on some level. 

Even an outdated e-book from 1999 will contain nuggets of truth that will help some people. 

But those nuggets are not enough to cause people to pay money for an outdated e-book.

People need more.

So I ask you, is your offer valuable enough?

“Valuable enough for what?” you ask.

Valuable enough to …

  • Open and read the emails you send.
  • Take the time to consider your offer.
  • Act on the information you provide.
  • Pay money to acquire the solution you provide.
  • Ask for your help.
  • Join your list to learn more.
  • Recommend you to their friends.
  • Join your affiliate program.
  • Join your Facebook community.
  • Participate in the surveys you send.

You see, the more we consistently communicate the extreme value of what we offer, the more we set the stage for every activity in the list above.

People show their true desire by spending one of two things … time or money. 

What desire are people showing you right now?

QUESTION 2 – How are YOU communicating what you offer?

Here are a few clarifying questions I ask clients that might help you think this through.

  • Do you really believe in the products you are promoting?
  • Do you position your product as THE solution, or only A solution?
  • Does your marketing material, including your landing pages and advertising, talk to the customer about how they will be transformed by the use of your product?
  • Are you competitors doing a better job of positioning their product as THE solution?

A good friend of mine puts it this way …

Are you selling vitamins or pain killers?

He expands the point by saying this (which is brilliant)

  • When we run out of vitamins we wait until the store opens and go buy more.
  • When we run out of pain killers we get the doctor out of bed at 3am so he or she can get us more right now.

Your task today is this … get clear on your messaging.

Make sure you are communicating to your prospective customer that your solution is THE solution.

Communicate to them that they need this now if they want to experience the change you know they want to experience. 

Communicate to them that you have benefitted from this product and know they will too.

If you can’t do these things … find another product to promote. 

Don’t put this off.

It is vital to your success that you know, and be able to communicate, why your offer is THE offer people need to buy. 

The more you do that, the more subscribers you will get. 

The more sales you will make.

The more friends you will acquire.

And the more help you can bring to others. 

And those are beautiful things indeed!

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