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Here is what many people think about making money online.

  • You can’t count on anything.
  • Everything is a risk.
  • It might work for the gurus, but it won’t work for me.
  • It’s too late for me.
  • There is too much competition.
  • I don’t have enough experience.

Here is the truth about each one of those statements …

  • You CAN build a predictable and profitable business.
  • You can minimize the risk until it is not a factor.
  • Every guru started somewhere. It will work for you.
  • It’s never too late to start.
  • Competition is your best friend. It proves people will buy.
  • You don’t need experience. You need a plan.

If what I said just now connects with you on any level, then today’s video is for you.


Because what I share in today’s video is THE way to stop all the frustration and doubt and start building a profitable, sustainable business.

Best of all, it only takes three steps to get there!

I hope you enjoy it.

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Prefer to read? Here is the enhanced transcript for your convenience.

Hi. This is Charlie Page, and I want to share something with you. One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Zig Ziglar, and here’s what he said,

“You were born to win but to be the winner you were born to be you have to PLAN to win. You have to PREPARE to win, and only then, can you EXPECT to win.”

That’s a great statement, and it’s absolutely full of truth, but how does it apply to those of us making a living online or wanting to make a living online?

Well, here’s how I see it.

Plan to win, means the following. 

Number one, you’ve got to choose a niche. You have to make that choice. You have to know what market you want to go after.

After you know what niche you want to work in, you have to know the needs of that niche. That’s a group of people.

A niche is just a group of people who have a need or a set of needs in common.

What do they need, and how badly do they need that?

You need to understand who your ideal prospect is.

Who is the person who’s likely to respond to your offer?

You can discover all of these things with some very simple research.

And then, you’ve got to choose a product to promote that meets the needs of that market.

That’s the name of the game.

Moms who are moms of three children have different needs from a 65 year old guy who plays golf three days a week.

You have to choose your niche, your group of people. You need to know what they need.

You have to understand who is in that niche, so you can talk to them in a language they can understand, and then choose a product to promote that meets their needs, that helps them.

Next, we have to prepare to win. 

What does that mean?

Well, preparing means being committed to your own success.

I know that may sound silly, but so many people get up to the starting line, but they never get into the race, because they’re not really committed to their success.

  • They’re dabbling. 
  • They’re thinking about it.
  • They’re thinking, Maybe I’m going to do that someday.

It takes absolute commitment in order to succeed in any area of life. 

Using the right selling system to make the sale is a very important part of preparation, and yes, it is part of the preparation step.

Preparation means you’ve got a complete selling system ready to go before you ever run an ad.

You’ve got to have that sales funnel in place, those emails in place, and be ready, because what happens is, the traffic starts coming, and it will, and then you think, Well, I’m going to put up these emails, I’ll write these emails, or I’ll put up these pages to nurture them.

There just won’t be time.

You’ve got to prepare by using the right selling system, and that needs to be a sales funnel with follow-up email marketing.

And you’ve got to use automation to create results and freedom, because here’s what happens.

When success comes, it comes faster than you think it will. It comes in greater volume than you think it will, and now, there’s no time to build these assets.

You’re just managing the sales and the customers, so use automation in the beginning to prepare for those results.

And then, and only then, can you expect to win. 

What does it mean to expect to win?

Well, you can expect that your ads will create visitors to your site. How can you be in a position to really expect that?

  • You do research. 
  • You model what’s working now.
  • You don’t try to reinvent the wheel

You model the things that are working now without ever copying anybody, or ripping off anybody’s idea, you simply model the best. 

And when you do that, and you’ve done the research and the prepare stage, and you have planned, an you prepared, you can expect that your ads will create visitors to your site.

And when that happens, you can expect that those people will join your mailing list, and your email can go out and do its job.

And then, you can expect that your follow-up email system will make additional sales.

You can expect front end sales from the people who come to your site, especially if you’re using any kind of a trip wire sales funnel.

You can also expect that your follow-up system will make additional sales.

We’ve seen this happen just recently, and we see it happen over, and over, and over again.

Your front end sales can be a shadow of what your overall sales are like when you have the right selling system in place.

And here’s the last one.

Expect to build a strong foundation and see your business continually grow. If you want a business that stands the test of time, a business you can sell, a business you can pass onto someone else, a business that creates true financial and time freedom, it has to be built on a stronger foundation. 

This really is how it works, and here’s the truth.

You can’t skip the steps.

There’s just no way to skip any of the steps.

The elevator to the top, well it’s out of order.

You’ve got to take it a step at a time.

But if you do the work, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what has been your experience so far, you can win if you follow this simple three step plan.

Plan, prepare, expect. It works every time.

If you need to know more about the process or any of the steps, get in touch with me. I’d be happy to help you.

You can find everything that I do at

This is Charlie. I appreciate you being here. I hope you have a great day.

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