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Every day I hear from people who are struggling to make money online.

They bought the programs and listened to the advice but are still coming up short.

These are good people, real people, who have been beaten down by the hyped-up websites that promise them near-instant riches if they will only “join now.”

They are discouraged and are left to wonder if all online marketers simply lie to make money and don’t care at all about their customers.

And they are left to wonder why it’s not working for them when it seems to work for everyone else.

It is to these good people that I address my message today. 

To them I say what Winston Churchill so famously said …

“never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”Did you notice that last part? “Never give in to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

My friend, your enemy (and mine) is confusion. It is overwhelm. It is information overload. It is isolation and not being sure what to do next.

But this enemy will NOT win. You will win.

I can say that with boldness because I have walked this path.

I have overcome (with God’s help) and believe with all my strength that you can overcome too.

I’m here to tell you that you can succeed online despite your current circumstances or how badly others have treated you!

How can I say that when so many people are working hard and still not making any money online?

When so many are being ripped off and now have nothing to work with and little hope of making it?

Because I see it happening every day.

I see people who once thought they are too old, too broke, too sick or too tired and beat up to begin the transformation from hype to hope.

I see them move from being confused (and afraid they will “miss it”) to making real progress – not a one-time-fluke but progress they can repeat over and over again.

  • They learn.
  • They work.
  • They overcome.
  • And you can overcome too!

Let me share with you what I believe.

I believe there has never been a greater opportunity to make money online than exists today.

I should know; I’ve been making a full time living working online for over 17 years … against all odds.

In that time I have seen many scams come and go.

I have seen more “business opportunities” than I can count go through their mega-launches, destined (or so the sales letters said) to be the next big thing. 

I have seen countless people lose money to these lies.

BUT I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE OVERCOME TOO, and I want to share with you what those turnaround stories (including my own turnaround story) have taught me.

But first let me share with you why I know you can succeed online.

Here are only a few of the reasons I believe that NOW can be your best time ever.

  • More people are online than ever before, which means a bigger market for you.
  • And there are more products you can promote – truly good and proven products – than ever before as well.
  • There are more ways to promote than ever before. And not all of them cost an arm and a leg.
  • Today anyone can have a website almost instantly by using a blog. When I started out it was HTML in NotePad. Not a pretty thing.
  • There is more good coaching and mentoring now than ever before.

These are just a few of the many reasons I believe you can succeed online.

But let me share my #1 reason with you.

You can succeed online because humans were created to overcome!

  • It has been our history since the dawn of time.
  • It is how we went from the cave to the moon.
  • It is how we discovered electricity and invented the Internet.

I fully believe that NOW is your time.

I fully believe that THIS is your year to rise and shine!

Is it hard to work online?

Sure, it takes work and learning new skills, some time and a little money.

But that will not stop you!

Are there thieves online?

You bet! Too many websites promise the moon only to deliver disappointment and heartache. Far too many take your money and never even answer your email or provide any real help or support.

But we won’t let that stop us!

I want you to join me today in setting a new course.

  • Today is the day we forgive.

  • Today is the day we forget the wrongs of the past and write a new story.

  • Today is the day we make a list of what is right with us and capitalize on our strengths and not our weaknesses.

Today is YOUR day!

I know that it can be hard to hold your head up high and declare today as your day of victory.

I know the challenges you face because I have been there too.

I have walked in your shoes and am here to tell you that there is victory for those who never surrender!

You might be tempted to think you are too old or too sick or too broke or too tired to succeed online.

I thought those things too.

I was so sick there were entire days I could not get out of bed. But I kept trying.

I was so broke that people from my church brought presents to my house so my kids could have Christmas.

I was so discouraged that I honestly felt it was over for me – that I had my chance and it didn’t work out.

I remember one night literally saying to myself “at least you had it good for a while” and thinking it was time to accept the “reality” of forever being broke and sick and depressed.


I kept on fighting and today I am healthy and we are doing very well indeed.

I won’t give specifics or show you my Clickbank screenshot like the hype boys do but let’s just say that we are not living in a rent house anymore.  😉

Based on my own experience, and based on literally thousands of members I have counseled I want to tell you five truths that you might not feel are true right now.


I want you to meet Claudette.

At 83 she truly is a shining swan of a person. Whenever I speak with her I am lifted by her love of life and her undeniable spirit.

Sure, working online is a challenge for someone of her age but you can bet your last nickel that fact won’t defeat her!

Claudette is a realist.

She knows that she will never master the computer the way a 23 year old would so she does what she can.

Instead of trying to build a website from scratch and learning HTML she focuses on blogs, knowing that if you can type you can have a blog. And she can type after all! So she does what she can.

How about Ivan?

Ivan is another octogenarian.

Ivan was 85 last time we spoke and going as strong as ever. You see, Ivan works in the health and wellness field and is a living testimonial for his anti-aging products.

What do Ivan and Claudette tell me?

You are not too old to succeed online!


How I wish you could meet Mindy. 

She has cancer and so is focusing on marketing passive income products so that her family has something to count on when she is gone.


In my own life there were times when a good day meant I could work 2 hours before basically collapsing and needing to sleep 20 hours.

Was it hard? You bet.

But I worked those 2 hours and never gave up.

It was that burning desire, and God’s blessing, that took me from being a member of the Directory of Ezinesto owning the company less than 18 months later.

Believe me, you are not too sick to succeed online.

Do what you can when you can and rest when you must.


When I bought my DOE membership it was hard to come up with the fee.

To say it was a sacrifice would be grossly understating the truth.

My wonderful wife thought I had lost my mind. How was this membership going to help us?

I had so few resources that all I could afford was article marketing since there was no fee to send articles to ezines.

And send them I did.

On days I was well enough to work I would write articles. And write articles. And write articles.

Then I would send them, hoping and praying they would be read.

They were read and soon readers became visitors and visitors became customers.

It was hard but it worked.

Little did I know that less than 18 months later my wife and I would buy the company, enabling the founder to retire and achieve her dream.

That was BEFORE social media!

How I wish I had Twitter and Facebook in 1999!

And there are even more no-cost ways to promote.

Believe me when I tell you – you are not too broke to succeed online.


I know you are tired.

  • Tired of the lies.
  • Tired of the hype.
  • Tired of the confusion.
  • Tired of the ever-changing technology. 
  • Tired of trying things that don’t work. 

But you are not too tired!

For you the time may have come to stop working so hard on things that don’t work and focus on things that are proven to work.

I get tired too.

Not everything I try works the first time either. 

But when results do come they build me up – giving me the strength and encouragement to keep going.

And when I find something that works I keep doing it rather than moving on to something else. 

If you are tired today take time to rest.

Pushing on and spending countless hours at your keyboard (especially if they are late night hours) will not be productive.

When you are rested and ready make a list of the top three things you want to accomplish today and start on item #1, not stopping or even thinking of anything else until it is finished.

Let focus and passion become your allies and you will banish tiredness from your vocabulary.

Rest when you must and work with passion and focus.


I know this much to be true – the opportunity online is just starting. You have not missed it.

Only a small percentage of all sales happen online. The growth is yet to come. 

And you have not missed the “good days” either when things were “easy”

  • Things were never easier than now. 
  • There have never been better tools at your disposal than now.
  • There has never been a bigger market than now.

You have not missed it.

As the song says, “these are the good old days” whether we want them to be or not.

Today is the day we will look back on and reminisce.

The only real question now is whether we will remember today fondly or feel that we wasted yet another opportunity.

Here is my viewpoint on where you stand right now:

  • You are not finished yet.
  • You have a great story to write.
  • You have a great future to build.

Never surrender your dream. 

Never let go of your goal. Never quit.

I begin to close with another Winston Churchill quote …“the nose of the bulldog has been slanted backwards so it can breathe without letting go.”

Be that bulldog. 

Breathe and have your life but never ever let go.

Never surrender.

Let me leave you with these words by Henry David Thoreau.

“I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Success is not made up of the grand gesture – the bold move or big product launch or the perfect ad that hits the target.

Those things are fun when they happen but they are not the stuff of life or the building blocks of success.

Success is made up of doing the little things every day. 

Success comes from doing what you can today, knowing that doors will open as you need them.

Success comes from being willing to learn what you need to learn and being willing to do what you need to do.

Success comes from following a proven path, knowing in your heart that if good things can happen for the other people of the world there is no reason they can not or will not happen for you too.

Go out today – right now – and move confidently in the direction of your dream.

Then get up tomorrow and do it again. Soon you will find that you are succeeding on YOUR terms.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

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