MOVED – Triple Your Marketing Results With One Idea


Is there actually a way to triple your website marketing services results with one idea?

There is!

If you make one simple change (and it is simple) you can expect to see more opt ins, more sales, and happier customers. 

It all starts with three little words.

All three are found in today’s video!

I hope you enjoy it.

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Hi. This is Charlie Page and I want to share with you the basis of all successful marketing.

?Now that’s a pretty big claim, right, the basis of all successful marketing, there are many ways to generate leads, from SEO, to making funnels, so if you’re looking for a Clickfunnels Review by an actual business owner, you’re in the right place.

Here’s what we’re going to do: We’re going to break it down to the basics.

This is very powerful. Don’t miss this.

There are three words that summarize all you need to know to succeed with selling things online.

If you adjust all of your marketing and I mean all of your marketing from emails to sales letters to videos to meet one of these three words, you will do well.

The three words are gain, logic, and fear.

Gain simply means getting something that you don’t have now. 

?We see this a lot. You see this in advertising every single day.

Buy this product then you’ll get something you don’t have now.

The vast majority of all marketing comes from a promise of gain standpoint.

“If you want this, buy that.” That’s the promise of most ads.

Gain is what drives us, what causes us to not hit the snooze 14 times, but instead get out of bed and go to work or go to the gym.

  • We want more. 
  • We want more money.
  • We want more love.
  • We want more life, more enjoyment. 

The upward call is what marks mankind’s progress. We went to the moon to get more knowledge.

The promise of gain can be the first way you market online.

It’s very powerful. It should be your first method. You avoid the hype and you will do very, very well.

Logic is the second super motivator.

While it’s good to use logic in your marketing, I don’t recommend you lead with logic.

Here’s why:

People think they’re logical.

You’ll hear people say all the time, “I’m very logical, a very logical person.”

They really are not at their essence logical. They are emotional.

We all buy on emotion and we defend our choices with logic.

If that were true, if make choices based on logic, then we’d all drive the same car, the safest, most economical car possible.

We don’t do that, do we?

There’s a massive variety of cars out there.

Take the Corvette for example. I love the Corvette. Does anyone really need to go from zero to 60 miles an hour in three seconds?

No, no one really needs that, but many people want it and they pay big bucks to get it.

If you try to sell Corvettes using logic, you’ll starve.

The reason people buy Corvettes is to be seen driving their Corvette. Going zero to 60 in three seconds may be fun, but you can’t do that all day long. What you can do is drive around your town being seen driving a Corvette.

So use logic to support your marketing but not as the primary motivator, since that’s what online SEO companies do, like for instance.


p style=”text-align: center;”>The third super motivator is fear of loss.

This one is tricky to use.

You don’t want to misuse it or overuse it, but you do want to use it.

We routinely see sales triple, or even more on the last day of a product launch.

Now why is that? Why does sale go up so dramatically on the last day of a special promotion of a product launch?

Is it because all of those people are hearing about the offer for the first time? Nope, many have been thinking about it for days or even weeks.

Then why do they buy on the last day? Well, it’s because it’s the last day.

The offer is closing and they don’t want to miss out.

That’s it right there. People don’t want to miss out.

The timer suddenly makes all those questions seem less important.

So do use fear of loss when you when you can do that ethically and honestly. Don’t overuse it or you’ll burn your audience out.

All things require balance and your marketing is no exception.

Use these three super motivators in all of your marketing material — and I do mean all of your marketing material, emails, Facebook ads, solo ads, sales letters and videos, everywh?ere.

You will sell more while working less and those are beautiful things indeed.

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This is Charlie. Thank you for being here. Please share this video. Take a moment to do that. There’s a sharing button near the video. I hope you have an excellent day.

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