MOVED – What 20 Years Of Working Online Has Taught Me


I was shocked. Amazed. And worried. 

Sonia asked “Did you realize this is our 20th year of working online full time?”

20 years. The words seemed heavy … and happy!

On the one hand, 20 years of working online full time is a milestone by any standard. 

Think about the Internet 20 years ago. 

  • Dial up.
  • Very few advertising venues.
  • No social media.
  • AOL was the king!

My how things have changed. 

We survived that and went on to create over 33 membership sites and serve tens of thousands of customers. 

And if I can do it, you can do it too. Never forget that. 

THE HEAVY PART was this … have I done enough to help my customers succeed?

I know that MANY of my customers have succeeded (and are succeeding) with my courses. 

And I am happy for that. 

I know too that almost every person for whom I have written copy has seen increased sales and engagement. 

That is quite a statement to be able to make. And it’s true. My copywriting just converts, thank God!

But am I REALLY teaching people “how to fish” and not just feeding them a fish?

I’m actually not sure. 

But I am sure of this …

If I were starting over, there would be three areas that would get my undivided attention. 

I’m going to give them to you in the order in which I would concentrate on them if I were starting over.


If you are going to succeed online it is going to be important to learn to focus on ONE thing until it is finished.

The most damaging syndrome online is not information overload. 

The most damaging trend is half built bridges.

See the trend? 

We are all guilty of this. I’m not throwing stones, believe me. I can’t count the half-built bridges in my life. 

But they are less now than before, and that’s a good thing!

The bottom line is this – commit to doing less, and always finishing what you start, and you will automatically do more. 


I have experienced that automation is the key to having time freedom and financial success as well.

My automated marketing systems kept the sales rolling in even when I did not show up to work for days on end. 

For 10 years health challenges meant I could barely work.  

Ten … years.

And yet our lists grew and sales came in. 

Thank you God for letting me learn automation!

Not one day has gone by – not one – that sales did not come in from our automation. And that includes every holiday you can name.

The power of automated marketing systems amazes me more than any one thing I have done in business in my 36 years of working for myself. 


The right people working with you (as opposed to simply for you) can make all the difference. 

Finding the right outsourcers or partners is massively important. In the “old days” (hey, I can say that!) outsourcers were impossible to find. 

Even if you could afford them their skills just were not up to par. 

Then technology changed and life became much easier. 

The technology change meant that marketplaces for outsourcers sprung up at exactly the same time that technology became easier!

Where you used to hire a programmer to create an HTML website you now hire an outsourcer to create a blog. 

The differences are staggering. 

  • Programmer – $90 per hour and 4 weeks to create site.
  • Outsourcer – $15 per hour and 4 days to create site.

Heck, you can even buy a completely ready to go membership site (with content) from me for $500.

That would have been impossible only a few years ago. 

By the way, click here if you want one! 🙂

Today you can find someone to :

  • Place your Facebook ads for you. 
  • Write your blog posts for you. 
  • Drive traffic for you.
  • Create videos for you.
  • Do almost anything for you. 

And for a price you can actually afford. 

Did you know you can hire a full time outsourcer for about $500 per month?

FULL TIME. And with skills!

So there you have my big three. 

The three legs of the three-legged stool that will help any business succeed, including yours. 

As my online experience winds down I am committed more than ever to teaching you everything I know, to showing you everything I do, and to answering any and all questions you have. 

If you are my customer now, thank you. 

If you are not my customer yet, become one today. Pick something and buy it now. Because my customers get priority treatment and special pricing. 

If you are not sure where to start, click here to see part of what I offer.

And because what is coming next is simply not to be missed! 

More about that in another post!


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