MOVED – What Are You Feeding Your Mind?


Zig Ziglar is one of my favorite teachers of all time. Over the years, I’ve been blessed to learn from so many great leaders. From John Maxwell to Seth Godin to Dale Carnegie to Tom Hopkins, my hunger for knowledge has been well-satisfied by great teachers.

But Zig is by far my favorite.

Of all the things I’ve heard Zig say one of my favorites is this …

You are where you are and what you are because of what’s gone into your mind. You can change what you are, you can change where you are, by changing what goes into your mind.

When I heard that for the first time I immediately changed my daily routine. I wanted to know if what Zig said would work for me.

So every day I make sure to start with something positive.

  • Sometimes it’s watching a Zig Ziglar DVD
  • Sometimes it’s watching Joel Osteen on TV (We record them)
  • Sometimes it’s reading from a good book, or THE good book.
  • Sometimes it’s reviewing goals and imagining my next victories

But every day, at work or at home or away, starts this way.

The results, for me, have been nothing short of amazing. Now amazing is not a word I use often because the word is just overused.

But it fits here.

It has been said many times that our minds are like two dogs racing. One white dog and one black dog race every day.

The one who wins is the one who gets fed the most and best.

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