MOVED – What Do You REALLY Believe About Business?


When it comes to succeeding online, no matter how you define that, answering the question “What do you really believe about business?” matters a great deal.

In fact, it just might be the “X” factor to your success!

Read on to see why.

As with the rest of your life, knowing what you truly believe will change many things, such as …

  • How you behave when confronted by challenges.
  • Whether or not you see a project through to the end.
  • The friends and mentors you choose to support you.
  • How you treat customers and potential customers.
  • How you spend your time and money.
  • And many more.

Since what you believe about business is so pivotal, let’s take a look at some real world examples and then see how this applies to your life. 

First, let’s destroy a few myths that hold people back.

False beliefs that hold people back.

Sad to say, there are so many of these I’d have to write a book. To keep this article readable, I will only list the top five.

Please note – this information is based on thousands of one-to-one phone calls with members, clients, and friends. 


It might work for someone else but it won’t work for me. 

This the granddaddy of all lies.

No offense the many excellent grandads out there. 🙂

The facts prove that this is just not true. 

For example …

  • Russell Brunson started out selling an eBook about how to create a potato gun.
  • Ryan Deiss’s first product was an eBook containing 99 bookmarks.
  • Frank Kern was a truck driver before he started working online. 
  • I was so ill I could not take a job outside the home and turned to the Internet over 18 years ago.

Each one of the people listed above succeeded by using the same methods that had been tried and proven by others. 

  1. Deliver high value.
  2. Build a list and use email marketing to sell.
  3. Publish helpful content and give it away free.

Read those again and let them sink in. They are vital to your success.

If it worked for them, it can work for you.


It’s too late to make it online.

Another lie from the pit of despair.

While it is easy to get caught up in the huge numbers of online sales, the fact is that only a very small portion of all that is sold is being sold online. 

In my view, and based on 18 years experience, these areas will experience rapid growth in the coming years.

  • E-commerce
  • Information products
  • Done-for-you services
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogs and publishing.
  • Marketing agencies

These are growth industries if ever there were any. 

Will the methods change? Yes. But the basics (listed above) will remain the same.

The market is there and largely untapped. 

Your piece of the pie is waiting and will be more than enough.


Email marketing is dead.

Here is a lie that is making the rounds again. It is based in logic but still untrue. 

The logic it is based on is the rapid rise of chat technology combined with the fact that people get more email now than they used to get.

Both true. Both meaningless.

Here is why I can say that. 

If you ask any successful online business what their #1 asset is they will say their mailing list. 

And for good reason. Email marketing works!

Here is why email marketing works so well.

  • It is personal.
  • It can be automated.
  • People enjoy receiving engaging emails.
  • Email is more durable than other methods.
  • Email marketing is actually easy to do.

Is there room in our marketing mix for other methods? Of course!

That is why I am devoting so much time, attention, and money to Multi Dimensional Marketing.

But make no mistake, email marketing is THE CORE STRATEGY that you must employ to succeed online.

This is true for everyone.

And yet, fully 90% of the people I speak with do not have a mailing list of their own.

I’ll say it again … ask a Ryan Deiss or Jeff Walker or Russell Brunson if they would give up their email list. 

And then duck while they throw a chair in your direction.


You have to have a big budget to make it online.

This one has been disproven so many times that I am surprised when I hear it.

Many of today’s top online names, from Brendon Burchard to Seth Godin to Tony Robbins started out without a big budget to back them.

All three, and many more, experienced failures along the way.

Notice I said failures. Not one failure but many. 

And yet, here they are, making the “top this or that” lists. 

One key to succeeding with no money is to work a system that CAN be worked without money. 

  • Instead of worrying about not being able to buy traffic go out and earn the traffic.
  • Instead of worrying about not having a mailing list, start one out of your address book and social media postings.
  • Instead of worrying about no one knowing who you are get active on social and help them know you by delivering massive value.

I will use myself as an example. When I first purchased the Directory of Ezines I had to pay the founder before I paid myself. 

Sometimes, that meant we went without in order to honor our commitment. 

Because I could not afford advertising (even though I owned the company!) I did what I could.

I contacted ezines who might publish my articles ALL DAY LONG until it worked. 

And work it did! Within two months I was being read by a potential audience of over 3 million readers

That is what I mean by working a system that CAN be worked without money. 

I remember one member who spent his time, against my advice, contacting publishers and asking them for free advertising.

He thought if he knocked on enough doors someone would just give him an ad, even though they sell ads for a living.

Needless to say, it did not happen. To the best of my knowledge, he is offline now. 

That is what I mean by trying to work as system that CANNOT be worked with no money.

No amount of asking was going to get him free advertising, just like going to Macy’s and asking for free clothes will not work.

NOTE: I believe in giving and in charity. I am not saying these publishers were uncharitable but am saying the approach was not sound.


You have to be a “guru”  or big name to make any money online.

Another lie from the pit of despair and discouragement. Don’t believe it.

I’ll share an example. 

Russell Brunson has something called the “two comma” club. It is an honor he bestows on anyone who sells more than $1 million dollars in one year using Clickfunnels.

Sounds hard, right? 

Did you know that in the last few years something over 200 people have joined that particular club?

Think of it … over 200 people selling over $1,000,000 PER YEAR using one software, Clickfunnels

And these are not “gurus”. They sell many things, including …

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Real estate investing course
  • Flashlights (YES, flashlights!)
  • Niche-specific physical products
  • Weight loss and fitness courses
  • House flipping
  • Photographer’s services
  • And many more


I can practically guarantee you that these are not names you know.

They are not people who are bragging online about the size of their list or showing some silly Clickbank screenshots.

They are regular people selling regular items using proven tactics. 

And YOU can do this too.


If limiting beliefs are holding you back you need to know it is not your fault!

We all are attacked with thoughts that tell us we will never make it or that we are not good enough.

  • Some of these things come from childhood trauma.
  • Some come from deep disappointment over what we thought life would be like. 
  • Still others come from our friends and family speaking them into our lives in moments of their own weakness.

Where they come from is less important than this …


And the truth is this … if choose a proven path, apply yourself, and work with the right mentor anything is possible for you!

In Part 2 I will share some case studies of people living out what they believe in their businesses. 

Most will be names you know. And what they believe, and how that changes what they do in business, might just surprise you.

Until then, keep your chin up. Print out this article if you like. Share it with friends. 

And know this … it is not too late for you. You are not too old, too broke, too tired, or too sick to succeed online. 

You can do this!

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