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Do you want to sell more online and work less at the same time? Then you need to know about the wonders of a mini course.

A mini-course can increase sales, be fully automated and set you free!

Watch this helpful video and learn more about what a mini course is and how mini courses work.

In a recent marketing test I tripled my email open rates, made more sales on autopilot and enjoyed more free time too … all thanks to my latest mini course.

Take a look and see how wonderful a mini course can be in your business. 


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Prefer to read? Here is the enhanced transcript for your convenience.

Hi, this is Charlie Page, owner of the Directory of Ezines. Have you noticed that people are in a hurry? They want things right now. They want them bite sized.

The world is full of minis because everybody wants everything quick and fast and ready to go. Mini everything.

  • Here’s a mini wine and cheese plate, just bite it down with one bite.
  • Here’s a mini teddy bear, how cute is that? He hurt his paw. He’s got a mini cast on his paw. That’s a cute dog.
  • Here’s a mini salad. You really want to lose weight? Just scarf this baby down in one bite.

There’s a lot of minis out there, but not our online marketing.

Have you noticed that? Our marketing is full of long videos, long webinars, and long sales letters.

I saw a webinar the other day that was four and a half hours long. Who has time for that? Who’s bringing the popcorn? That’s what I want to know. That’s a long webinar.

Did you know you can SELL more by SAYING less?

It’s true! That’s why people want to know what is a mini course and how can it help me succeed online.

A mini course is a short course focused on one specific topic. It’s often delivered via email and fully automated. That’s my favorite part.

You build it once and you profit from it many times.

What works well for a mini course is either a big picture overview like “What is affiliate marketing and can it work for me?” Or a very specific focus on one topic like, “How to create a squeeze page” or “How to build your list” or “How to lose 25 pounds” or “How to land a job.”

Many sites online have forty thousand pages about this stuff, but …

… how many times have you seen something you can consume easily and then go take action on it around these topics?

Mini courses work well in any niche and for promoting any product because people are universally in a hurry.

Why do mini courses work so well?

Number one, they give before asking to receive. That’s the golden rule, can’t go wrong with that. That works online.

They build authority and trust and those are things that can’t be purchased. They can only be earned. The reader or viewer of your mini course will see that they can do this.

They can become your core product.

If you have a mini course that’s super popular, you can expand it out and actually sell it.

It’s free market research. Just ask the people on your list or in your advertising, “What do you need to know something about?” Make a little mini course about it.

You can actually get paid to develop your own product by creating mini courses.

Here’s the thing, a mini course is something you can do. My friends, you can do this because it’s not a five thousand word long sales letter. It’s not twenty-two videos or four and a half hours of webinar. It’s a mini course.

You can put that together quickly.

People often have questions about mini courses like …

  • How long should my mini course be?
  • Can I make sales doing this?
  • How much information should I include?
  • How much is too much?
  • How can I deliver it?
  • Where can I get the content if I don’t want to write it myself?
  • Which mistakes should I avoid?
  • Can I sell this thing or do I have to just give it away?”

The number one question, obviously, “How do I get started?”

I have a free course to show you how to do this.

Recently, I did a case study where I tripled my email open rate doing this very thing, creating a mini course. It was fun! I made more sales on autopilot too, during that period of time.

I want to GIVE you my mini course on how to profit from mini courses!

What I want you to do is go to and register. This course is ready now and you will get instant access!

Just go to that link, enter your name, your best email address.

All right, this is Charlie Page. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you have an excellent day.

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