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If you are trying to make money online (no matter how you are trying to do that) you need to know about Self Liquidating OffersSpecifically, you need to know that they can change everything about how you are marketing. They can quite literally set you free to drive as much traffic as you want!Sound good? Let’s look deeper.

What is a Self Liquidating Offer?

A self liquidating offer is a low cost product that you sell to cold traffic.It is the first thing you offer people who respond to you advertising. Cold traffic simply means strangers.

They don’t know you. They are responding to an ad you placed or a link you placed online. They are curious and nothing more.The goal of a self liquidating offer is to help you recover your ad costs immediately. When you do that, you can re-invest more money into more advertising. This can work for anyone! More on that below. For now, let’s see what it looks like for an affiliate marketer.

  • You find a product you want to promote and need to drive traffic.
  • You buy an ad to drive traffic and make affiliate sales.
  • Instead of sending this traffic directly to the affiliate sales page, you send them to your own squeeze page where they can get a high quality gift for subscribing.
  • They subscribe and you send them to your low-cost offer instead of immediately sending them to the affiliate sales page.
  • They buy your low-cost offer. The thank you page you show them after they buy is the affiliate sales page!

The results of using this process, instead of driving traffic directly to the affiliate offer, are stunning.

  • You build your list.
  • You recover your ad costs immediately. 
  • You create a new customer for yourself.
  • You create buying momentum for the main offer.
  • You still promote the affiliate product so you can earn commissions.

This is absolutely the best process to make sales online!

Why use a Self Liquidating Offer?

The reason to use a self liquidating offer (also called SLO) is simple.With the right SLO you will never pay for advertising again! Let me explain. A Self Liquidating Offer is designed to help you recover your ad costs immediately.

And that means a huge problem is solved … especially for affiliate marketers.The problem is cash flow. And it’s a problem that can literally put you out of business. Here is what the PROBLEM looks like.

  • You place an ad and drive traffic to the sales letter for the product you are promoting.
  • People respond to your ad and buy the product you are promoting.
  • You get paid a commission after the refund period, typically 75 DAYS after the sale.
  • You have to wait up to 75 DAYS to get ANY money back from your ad buy.
  • You can’t afford to keep buying ads and not getting paid, so you stop promoting.

This is a horrible pattern, one that many affiliate marketers are trapped in.

Product owners are not immune either. And coaches, consultants, and other service providers suffer too.The answer is a Self Liquidating Offer funnel!

Who can use a Self Liquidating Offer?

The good news about Self Liquidating Offers (also called SLO) is that literally anyone can use them. And I do mean anyone. I have not found a business yet that can’t be helped by using a SLO to sell more and do so without busting their budget for advertising.Just look at who can (and does) use a Self Liquidating Offer to sell more at almost zero cost.

  • Product owners can use it as a way to drive massive amounts of traffic.
  • Affiliate marketers can use it to recover ad costs quickly so they can keep promoting.
  • Lead Generation providers can use it to generate no-cost leads they can then sell.
  • CPA marketers can use it to send massive amounts of traffic to their CPA offers.
  • Advertising sellers can use it to build massive lists quickly and then sell solo ads to that list.
  • Coaches can use it to both recover advertising costs AND begin to nurture potential clients.
  • Consultants can use it to recover ad costs AND explain their services in a non-salesy way.
  • E-commerce sellers (like Amazon stores) can use it to drive large numbers of people to their store AND identify interests.

How to find products for your Self Liquidating Offer

Finding products is the easy part. All you need is to know what your niche wants and find a product that delivers massive value that you can sell for a reasonable cost.If you are a product owner, you can splinter off a part of your core product and use that as your low-cost product.If you are an affiliate marketer, you can use a high-quality PLR product (modified by you of course) as your low-cost offer. If you are a coach or consultant, you can use a checklist, cheatsheet, or self-assessment to accomplish your SLO.

Do Self Liquidating Offers really work?

My oh my – do they ever!Top marketers in the digital marketing space use this method every single day. In fact, for many of them it is their “secret sauce”. They just don’t teach it outside of their very high priced inner circles. :-)Information sellers in every niche can, and do, use this technique to recover ad costs and be able to scale up their success. E-Commerce sellers can use the same technique to completely eliminate their traffic costs.

How to make a Self Liquidating Offer work for you.

Wow, I just noticed how long this article has become! Thanks for staying with me. Making a self liquidating offer work for you involves only a few steps. Most of them have been covered already in this article.To learn how I do this, and to get me to help you do it too, click this link to see what I am offering right now. You are going to love how this works. Imagine … no more advertising costs! More sales. More customers. More commissions. And the ability to grow as big as you want. Now those are beautiful things indeed!

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