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The other day I took a drive that was longer than usual. Being a big believer in “automobile university” I usually listen to my Zig Ziglar CDs, or some other teaching while in the car.

This day I wanted something different.

So I used the “seek” button on my radio for the first time in a long time.

The results were interesting.

I found a station I liked. But in the process I bypassed what seemed like 50 stations.

  • All of them were fine stations.
  • All of them were doing their very best.
  • Most of them had strong, clear signals.
  • All of them want as many listeners as possible.

And then I realized that my radio seeking adventure was a like lot doing business online.

We are all broadcasting something. The real question is “is anyone listening?”

And that thought lead me to this question …

What message am I broadcasting?

I believe there are four observations about this that can apply to our online marketing efforts today.

1 – You have a message

It’s a fact – we all have a message. We all have experience or learning or passion we can share with others. And there are people who need what we know.

The best news is this – people will pay to learn what you know!

It’s true. If you spend much time in the Internet marketing space it’s easy to think that everyone online is selling “get rich” or “how to” information. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are hugely successful sites that do things like teach cooking or help people relax or teach youngsters how to throw a baseball faster.

Francis Bacon said that “knowledge is power.” And that is true.

  • Knowledge is what you can package to help others.
  • Knowledge is what you can promote for a profit.
  • Knowledge is something anyone can acquire if they don’t have enough, but you can help them through online MBA.

Two years ago my goal setting skills were rusty. So I acquired more knowledge, applied what I learned and worked hard on goal setting and goal reaching.

The result? I have achieved more significant goals in those two years than the previous ten.

Now I am going to be teaching goal setting for profit.

That model can be repeated again and again by you and by me.

So let me ask you this …

What is your message?

2 – That message has an audience

Every message has an audience. One of my core messages is common sense. I just believe that everything needs to be made as simple as possible, and communicated as simply as possible as well.

This message resonates with some but leaves others flat.

I get that, and it’s okay with me. I know that those who need the help I can provide will find me and take action.

As long as I stay true to my message, I will do well.

So will you.

3 – Your job is to broadcast your message

Here is a very important point. Please don’t miss this one.

Here is the reason I believe that is true.

Broadcasting your message will take your full effort. It will exhaust you, exhilarate you and challenge you.

It can also make you rich, both in the things money can buy and in the things money can’t buy.

So you need to get it out, get in onto paper and get it into the marketplace.

The ideas are in there, just like that oil was under the ground of Spindletop.

You just need to get it to the market.

4 – Today’s tools make the job easier than ever

Here is some very good news. It is easier today to make a living from your knowledge than ever before.

Today’s tools mean you don’t have to have some fat cat investment banker or some publisher somewhere who can tell you what to do.

You are free to publish what you want, when you want and as often as you want.

There are four tools that are incredibly important in getting the word out.

  1. Your own blog – A self-hosted WordPress blog of your own.
  2. Your mailing list – A list is a must for communicating, sharing and developing relationships.
  3. Social Media – There is no doubt about the power of social media to connect us to others. But social can do more, much more, to help us get our message to those who need it.
  4. Podcasting – This is not a “day 1” activity for most but rather something you build up to. But, as you blog and publish more, you will be building the content you need for a podcast. People love audio and podcasting is very powerful indeed.

If we were in the same room and I could convince you of anything it would be these three things.

  1. You have a message to share.
  2. There is an audience who needs that message.
  3. People will pay to learn what you know once you have their attention and trust.

Helping people is by far the most enjoyable way to make money online possible. And it’s fun!

Now it’s your turn.

What is YOUR message?

People are listening …

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