MOVED – What Price Perfection?


There are times in our lives when we fly through tasks like a hot knife through butter, of course for this it has to be a good quality knife like the one from this reviews. We are on fire. We are not only productive but super-productive.

We are in the zone.

But those times are short lived and rarely last. So what about all the other times?

The times when we don’t “feel like it” today. The times when we face serious health challenges that limit our productivity. Those times when being productive seems a distant memory.

In times like that it’s important to remember that the idea of perfection can be the enemy.

Take posting to your blog for example.

To make a “perfect” blog post you need to follow a formula, right? It needs to be long enough but not too long. It needs a great and compelling graphic. It needs to be keyword-optimized and SEO friendly.

This is what makes a great post.

Or is it?

Sometimes we just need to share. Share knowledge. Share insights. Share our current experience.

As my health faces a major challenge I’m struck by how often I don’t post because I can’t make the post “perfect”.

And that makes me feel like I should apologize. To you. To me. To everyone.

So today I embark on a new journey. ” Non-perfect” posts that share something real, something of value (I hope) and something that helps you.

The thought today is this – what in your life is not getting done because you are waiting to make it perfect?

If you are like me, the list will be longer than expected, and incredibly important to create.

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