MOVED – Where Is The Money Online?


How many times have you heard “the REAL money online is in _________”?

If you have been online very long, you have heard something like that many, many times.

The answers vary depending on what the person writing that statement wants to sell.

Here are 10 popular options for where the money “really” is include …

  1. The list.
  2. Selling high-end products.
  3. The “back end.”
  4. Niche websites.
  5. Network marketing.
  6. Media buying.
  7. E-Commerce.
  8. Follow up email.
  9. Becoming famous online.
  10. Selling leads.

While all of these things are good (I write about many of them on my blog) I believe that the real money for most people is found by focusing on item #3 … back end sales.

Here’s why.

Jay Abraham famously said there are three ways to make money in any business.

For most people trying to sell online today, the biggest impact will be in adding “back end” products to their selling system.

What is the “back end” anyway?

Back end products are products you sell to a customer after they make their first purchase.

The reason this works so well is that your new (or returning) customer already likes you and trusts you.

After all … they bought something from you!

If you make your back end offer congruent with what they have already purchased you will see your income take off.

AND … they will be helped because a great back end product does more than help you make money.

It helps them get results from their first purchase.

And that starts a value loop that leads to more sales, more profits, more successful customers, and building a real business online.

Now let’s take a look at what makes a good back end product and how you can start using this in your business today.

What makes a good back end product?

Can affiliate marketers sell back end products?

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